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Jackie is always looking for creative mischief to get into. So it's fitting that she oversees photography, video, publishing, music, and Web design.

Avid updates Media Composer and Symphony

New 64-bit video applications set to offer increased workflow speed, flexibility, and time savings.

HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 arrives

This device offers a completely different way to scan 3-D objects to produce arresting images.

Sorenson updates Squeeze, debuts Squeeze 8 Lite

Alongside the release of Squeeze 8 for the enterprise, Sorenson has launched a Lite version of its flagship video encoding software.

Alien Skin releases photo enlargement plug-in Blow Up 3

Alien Skin's new version of its photo enlargement plug-in is easier to use and costs $50 less.

Apple updates Epson, HP printer drivers for Lion and Snow Leopard

New Apple printer drivers are on the loose.

Pixelmator 2.0 sports advanced image editing features

Designed for Lion, the new version of Pixelmator edges closer to the Photoshop realm.

Quark special upgrade program benefits owners of early versions

Owners of older QuarkXPress versions can now upgrade for the standard price until the end of 2011.

cloud wireless Internet

A quick look at Adobe's Creative Cloud

Adobe's Creative Cloud initiative is further evidence of the company's recognition that mobility is now the cornerstone of art and design. Jackie Dove looks at the Creative Cloud announcements coming out of this week's Adobe Max conference.

Adobe announces six Touch tablet apps

As part of its Creative Cloud initiative, Adobe on Monday introduced six new tablet-based apps for iOS and Android platforms. The new mobile offerings--which will be available to Android users first--are aimed at making it easier for artists and designers to create and share their work.

Adobe upgrades Elements consumer photo and video packages

Photoshop and Premiere Elements a get an upgrade with an added online subscription option.

Just Mobile UpStand for iPad

Just Mobile's UpStand isn't inexpensive, but it's attractive, functional, and lightweight. The stand works well for viewing your iPad in landscape or portrait orientation, though thanks to its single viewing angle and raised position, you'll need an external keyboard if you plan on doing even a moderate amount of typing.

Adobe launches Carousel cloud-based photo app

Photo software lets you view, browse, edit, and share your photo collection without manual syncing or storage.

M-Edge FlexStand for iPad is a light and flexible stand

The FlexStand for iPad is a lightweight and flexible iPad stand that holds your tablet snugly but is easy to manipulate. If you don't use an iPad case, or if you don't mind removing it to use the stand, the FlexStand is a versatile, well-designed, and inexpensive product.

Five top-rated inkjet printers


These inkjets are great for the home, small office, or dorm room.

Heckler Design @Rest for iPad

The @Rest for iPad is a versatile, heavy-duty stand for the iPad and iPad 2. It's not designed to be portable, but as a desktop stand that's rugged enough for a commercial environment and decorative enough for your home, it can serve a multitude of purposes.