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Five ways to lose your identity (and wallet) this holiday season

Computerworld offers tips to holiday shoppers looking to expose their personal data to online thieves.

The fight to keep personal data private

What happens when a privacy advocate takes Social Security numbers she finds in public records (of politicians, no less) and republishes them on her Web site? Lawsuits start to fly.

Study: Social networking sites leaking personal information to third parties

Many major social networking sites are leaking information that allows third party advertising and tracking companies to associate the Web browsing habits of users with a specific person, warns a study by AT&T Labs and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Jury in Tenenbaum music piracy trial to determine fine

With Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum admitting to a federal jury Thursday that he illegally downloaded songs, the sole question remaining is just how big a fine he will face.

With fair-use defense rejected, RIAA music piracy trial could end with big fine

The judge overseeing the case of a Boston University student accused of music piracy forbid the defendant from using a fair use defense in the trial.

Google defends Google Apps security

Google officials say that critics calling for Los Angeles to reconsider plans to implement Google Apps are misinformed about the security of the cloud-based service.

Analysis: $1.92 million fine in music piracy case could hurt RIAA

Legal analysts say the $.19 million fine imposed by a jury in a retrial of a woman accused of pirating 24 songs may wind up hurting the Recording Industry Association of America's anti-piracy efforts.

Privacy, civil rights advocates castigate Wikileaks ruling

Privacy and civil rights advocates are expressing their dismay over a pair of decisions made by a California District Court judge last week to shut down Wikileaks.org, a controversial Web site that allows whistleblowers to anonymously post corporate and government documents online.

Oregon challenges RIAA university subpoena

The state of Oregon is hoping to halt a subpoena by the Recording Industry Association of America looking to reveal the identity of 17 University of Oregon students alleged to have infringed music copyrights.

RIAA could bolster campaign against file sharing

The RIAA will try to use its recent victory in a file-sharing case against a Minnesota woman to push other similar cases to settle, according to experts.

Google to strengthen Calendar privacy warnings

Google is working on making privacy warnings around its Calendar application stronger amid concerns that some users of the service may unintentionally be exposing more information than they mean to.

SANS notes sharp increase in Mac OS X flaws

A new report shows an increase in the number of flaws discovered in Mac OS X.

Fight against phishing moves to a new level

The announcement last week of a new antiphishing consortium that includes financial services firms, Internet service providers, IT vendors and law enforcement agencies represents one of the most concerted efforts yet to curb the growing problem of e-mail data-theft scams.