Navigate an InDesign document using Power Zoom

In the latest version of InDesign, Adobe removed the Navigator panel and replaced it with Power Zoom, a more useful and intuitive way to navigate your documents. James Dempsey shows you how to use Power Zoom.

Making the most of InDesign’s Workspace feature

Workspace is a feature in InDesign that gets very little attention. That’s a shame because it can really improve your productivity if used effectively. James Dempsey shows you how.

Funtastic Photos 1.0.3

Funtastic Photos is a low-cost but feature-rich program for editing and enhancing your images. And as its name implies, it's fun, too.

Picturesque 2.0.3

While you can use Photoshop or any of a number of other image editors to prepare images for your blog or Web site, few (if any) can perform the most-popular editing tasks with the ease of use or speed of Picturesque.

Twitter for the creative Mac user

James Dempsey used to wonder what the fuss about Twitter was all about. Then he tried out the micro-blogging service and found another tool that fit nicely into his routine as a creative professional.

The finer points of finding free images

The Web provides small design firms and freelance designers without a $15,000 photo shoot budget the opportunity to download photos and vector illustrations as easily as the click of the mouse. James Dempsey looks at where to find images and what the cost of “free” graphics are.

Better color management with Pantone’s ColorMunki

One of the most difficult aspects of graphic design is color management. But the ColorMunki tools from Pantone help ensure accurate color from design to output. James Dempsey takes ColorMunki design out for a test spin.

Font management with Suitcase Fusion 2

Last month, Extensis updated its single-user font management tool, and James Dempsey takes a closer look at how to use Suitcase Fusion to take the headaches out of font management.

Brushing up your Creative Suite skills

With Adobe’s new Creative Suite 4 now available for download, James Dempsey assembles a list of some of his favorite sites for tutorials, tips, and news for the applications that make up the Design Premium suite.

Working with Acrobat 9 Pro

With all the attention focused on Adobe’s Creative Suite products, James Dempsey looks at the one part of the CS4 puzzle that’s already available—Acrobat 9 Pro, which debuted this past summer.

New life for old Macs

Just because you’ve upgraded to a new Mac doesn’t mean your old machine is finished. James Dempsey has several suggestions for ways that creative professionals can squeeze more life out of aging hardware.

Acrobat finds a new home on the Web

James Dempsey takes a look at Acrobat 9 Pro and—that latest PDF-creation tools announced by Adobe this week.

Turn to Path Styler Pro for logos, title graphics

Path Styler Pro helps you produce high-quality logos and title graphics in either Illustrator or Photoshop with a noticeable ease of use. James Dempsey takes a closer look at the plugin.

Five great Illustrator tutorials

Looking for some inspiration for working in Illustrator? James Dempsey points out five of his favorite tutorial sites for users of Adobe's design tool.

A grab bag of Photoshop tips and tricks

James Dempsey offers up a selection of his favorite Photoshop tips and tricks.