Creative resources on the Web

James Dempsey offers up a new list of Web sites for creative pros to keep an eye on, including his own new site, The Graphic Mac.

Teach yourself Creative Suite 3

Jim Dempsey finds a good introduction to Adobe's Creative Suite CS3 in a new book from Sams.

Free stock photo and vector art resources

James Dempsey looks at a few stock photo agencies that offer free images on a regular basis.

Affordable additions to your creative toolbox

Jim Dempsey looks at two utilities designed to enhance your creative workflow: SneakPeek Pro, a Quick Look plug-in for Illustrator and InDesign files, and Create Booklet, a PDF service for quickly building booklets.

Domainer 1.1

Tired of keeping track of your various domains? Domainer can help.

Grab bag of tips for Photoshop

James Dempsey offers up a few simple Photoshop tips for Layer Effects, font usage and more.

More Web apps for beginners

In part two of his series on Web apps for beginners, Jim Dempsey looks at FTP clients, screen tools and domain tracking software.

Web design apps for beginners

The Creative Guy suggests two WYSIWYG Web editing apps for designers looking to go past iWeb and other template-driven programs.

Light Factory 3 for Photoshop released

Digital Anarchy's Knoll Light Factory 3.0 is the perfect tool for creating realistic - or not, if you so choose - lens flares inside Photoshop.

My weekend with Leopard and CS3

James Dempsey spent the weekend playing with Leopard and Adobe's Creative Suite, and all is well with the world.

Improving Photoshop performance on the cheap

Looking for a way to speed up Photoshop? A new Mac Pro and 3GB of RAM can help, but not everyone can splurge on such an indulgence. James Dempsey offers a few tips that need nothing more than a little bit if your time.

Bringing Illustrator files into Photoshop

The Creative Guy offers an alternative to Smart Objects for preserving your Illustrator file's editing capabilities while inside Photoshop, as well as a link to a tutorial for building halftone dots in Illustrator.

Pixelmator 1.0.1

Pixelmator is an impressive debut in the image-editing market, offering a stellar interface, advanced features, and a reasonable price tag.

Acorn 1.0.2

Looking for an easy-to-use image editor? Acorn offers an intuitive interface, but its features are limited for the price.

More image editors for the rest of us

In the second part of his series on low-cost image editors, James Dempsey likes what he sees in Pixelmator.