Image editors for the rest of us

Acorn and Pixel lead a new wave of image editing applications designed for people who don't need the complexity of Photoshop

Hot, Cold & Grungy Photoshop Tutorials

James Dempsey offers up a few of his favorite sites for Photoshop tutorials.

Creating Highlighter text with InDesign

Looking to emphasize some text in an InDesign document without resorting to text weights? Try CreativeTechs' Yellow Highlighter tutorial.

Pantone on the Goe

Weeks after Pantone announces that it will be acquired by X-Rite, they follow up with a brand-new color-matching system, Goe.

Creative links from around the Web

As we head into the tail end of the summer, I thought I would pass along some interesting links and tips that have recently run across my desk.

app4Mac's freeware stars

James Dempsey takes a look at three of the applications in app4Mac's freeware collection, and likes what he sees.

Quick tips for Adobe InDesign

The Creative Guy, James Dempsey, offers some useful tips for working with Adobe's InDesign page layout applicaiton.

iWork as a creative tool

James Dempsey offers his thoughts on Apple's new iWork '08 suite, specifically as it relates to designers whose clients live in a world dominated by Microsoft Office.

Links to CS3 tips and tutorials

James Dempsey offers up a few links to tutorials and tips for users of Adobe's Creative Suite 3.

Tips for the not-so-creative pro

James Dempsey offers a few of his favorite Creative Suite tips for those folks who don't consider themselves creative pros.

Bulking up your font collection

Where do you go to look for fonts? James Dempsey offers a list of some of his favorite sources for both free and commercial fonts.

Finding a mouse for the creative Mac Pro

Jim Dempsey shares his pain as he tries to find the right input device for his Mac Pro.

RSS feeds for the creative Mac user

If you're a creative pro, and looking for a good list of sites to stay on top of, James Dempsey offers up his list of RSS feeds that he pays attention to on a regular basis.

CS3 plug-ins start rolling in

James Dempsey polls a few Creative Suite plug-in developers to see where they're at with respect to the recently released CS3.

Quick tips for Illustrator

James Dempsey follows up on his InDesign tips with a few more of his favorites - this time for Illustrator users.