Quick tips for InDesign

The Creative Guy offers a few of his favorite tips for working with Adobe's InDesign.

In the field with InDesign CS3

As the reviews of InDesign CS3 accumulate, James Dempsey talks about his first few weeks with the updated page-layout program.

Getting started with Creative Suite 3

James Dempsey digs into Adobe's Creative Suite 3, offering some initial impressions about its performance improvements on Intel-based Macs.

Using Yojimbo as a digital idea library

Looking for a way to get your creative ideas organized digitally? Bare Bones Software's Yojimbo can be just the application to help you get started, and James Dempsey shows you how.

Photoshop sharpening tips for designers

When you're working on images for print, there's rarely an image that doesn't need a little sharpening in Photoshop. Here are a few tips for designers.

Looking at CS3 from the cheap seats

The Creative Guy's James Dempsey weighs in with his thoughts on the Adobe Creative Suite 3 launch.

Text tips for InDesign

Looking for a little bit better text within InDesign? Here are a few tips regarding superscripts and subscripts and kerning, as well as an alternative method for creating drop caps.

Getting good grayscale out of Photoshop

James Dempsey offers different techniques for turning your color images into stunning black & white photos.

Go old-school bitmap with HyperDither

Looking for that special image effect for a brochure, flyer or other design project? Use HyperDither to go back to the beginning and create great black and white bitmaps.

Let iClip, CubeDoor enhance your workflow

While we often think of productivity enhancers for Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXPress and other creative apps, there are plenty of other things that can boost your efficiency. James Dempsey looks at two, iClip and CubeDoor.

Boost creativity with Photoshop actions

If you're on the lookout for Photoshop productivity enhancers beyond plug-ins, check out Actions and Styles. James Dempsey has the lowdown on where to look for the best.

Digging into Illustrator's Graphics Styles

Using style sheets in QuarkXPress and InDesign is second nature, but did you know you can create graphics style sheets in Adobe Illustrator? James Dempsey shows you how.

BoxCloud: Share files with clients the easy way

Looking for an easy way to share files with clients, but don't want to deal with FTP, FedEx and online file upload services? BoxCloud might be your answer.

Add to your InDesign arsenal

Feeling a bit envious of your neighbor’s Photoshop plug-ins? James Dempsey offers his take on two plug-ins for Adobe InDesign, Page Control and InPreflight.

Moving from Web design to print

James Dempsey offers advice for Web designers who want to broaden their horizons into the world of print.