LaCie 2Big NAS offers 6TB of network storage

While not the fastest NAS (network-attached storage) device we’ve tested, the LaCie 2Big NAS was fairly simple to use and offers nice variety of features, including remote access using a browser or the LaCie MyNAS iOS app.

Ultimate MacBook Air 2012 models put to the test

Macworld Lab ran performance benchmarks on two MacBook Air build-to-order (BTO) models, and the results show that while both custom systems were faster than the high-end stock MacBook Airs, the upgrades to the 11-inch gives a bigger performance bang for the buck.

Meet the new Mac Pro, about the same as the old Mac Pro

The new Mac Pros released at WWDC 2012 represent a speed bump, plain and simple.

Lab Tests: Apple boosts performance in new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros

Macworld Lab's results for these new systems are in. To see the differences in performance, the Macworld Lab turned once again to its all-around system performance benchmarking suite.

Lab Tests: Processor, graphics boosts improve MacBook Air performance

Macworld Lab has gotten a hold of all four updated MacBook Air models. Our tests find that they outperform their predecessors on the strength of new Intel processors and faster integrated graphics.

Belkin and Matrox set to bring USB 3.0 to the Mac via Thunderbolt

Two docking station products set to ship in September of this year promise to bring USB 3.0, and much more, to the Mac.

Lab Tested: The new iPad 2 and old iPad 2

The current iPad 2 has a new 32nm processor, a change from the 45nm processor used when the iPad 2 was first released. Does the change affect performance?

New iPad's battery life matches Apple's claims, but iPad 2 lasts longer

The new iPad's battery life matches what Apple claims in some of Macworld Lab's tests. But in all instances, the iPad 2's battery last longer, even though Apple has said the tablets should display similar battery performance.

Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD projector sports iPhone dock

The Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD is a portable projector with two built-in ten-watt speakers, bright 2800 lumen output, and a dock for connecting and playing movies and music from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

iPad temperature debate generates more heat than light

To put some numbers behind the chit chat surrounding the third-generation iPad's temperature, Macworld Lab broke out its trusty infrared thermometer. The results? The latest iPad does run a little warmer than its predecessor -- but not so much that you'll be asking passersby, "Is it hot in here or is it just my iPad?"

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series 6TB RAID array

The LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series is an external desktop RAID system that uses two 3.5-inch, 7200-rpm drives pre-configured as RAID 0, but you can reconfigure as RAID 1 or JBOD using OS X’s Disk Utility application.

Hands on with the Seagate GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapter

Macworld Lab received an early production model of the GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapter and we ran a few tests using a Seagate 500GB FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-Portable drive with three different adapters.

Expo Notes: Scanner makers have their heads in the Cloud

Don't believe it when folks say that the Macworld | iWorld show floor is primarily filled with iOS accessories -- the community of document scanner makers is quite well represented too. At least seven different companies have scanners on display at this week's event.

Expo Notes: Making music at Macworld | iWorld

James Galbraith gives a rundown of some of the music-making hardware and software that has people buzzing at Macworld | iWorld this week.

Iomega unveils StorCenter ix2 network storage device

On Monday, Iomega announced a new desktop network storage device for small offices and homes, the StorCenter ix2.