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James is the director of Macworld Lab.

Are third-party printer inks worth the savings?

Printer makers strong recommend you use inks specifically designed for their hardware. But third-party supplies cost a lot less. Can you save money on ink without losing too much on print quality? Lab director James Galbraith puts one third-party ink cartridge to the test.

Ion Audio Tape 2 PC

Although Ion's Tape 2 PC is a relatively simple way to convert the audio on your cassette tapes to digital files for use on your computer, the process for editing those imported files can be either complicated or time consuming, depending on which provided Mac application you use.

Western Digital announces new solid state drives

Western Digital on Wednesday announced a new line of 2.5-inch solid state drives (SSDs) that use a SATA 3GBps interface. The SiliconEdge Blue SSD is a consumer focused drive meant for use in both portable and desktop computers

Ion Audio LP 2 CD

Ion's LP 2 CD makes it relatively easy bring your vinyl albums into the digital realm, but the software and tech support leave a little to be desired.

WD introduces new portable hard drives

WD has introduced new Mac-formatted portable hard drives with FireWire 800 and e-label technology.

LaCie introduces three new NAS products

LaCie's new products offer small to medium businesses shared network storage options.

Mac Pro Audio Update cuts performance lag

Last week, Apple rolled out an update for recent Mac Pro models that tackles a performance issue for users running multiple applications in Mac OS X 10.6.2. Our tests found that Mac Pro Audio Update 1.0 effectively removes the performance lag you might see if you're trying to perform a task while also playing a song in iTunes.

Storage big and small at Macworld 2010

Here are a few storage devices that caught Lab Director James Galbraith's eye at Macworld Expo.

Scan-ing the crowds at Macworld 2010

Document scanning made a big impression on the show floor at Macworld Expo. Many companies demonstrated scanning solutions that involved hardware scanners, software to capture the documents, document management software, and ways to share your scans.

Macworld Lab at Expo

Macworld Lab regulars James Galbraith, Chris Holt and Roman Loyola take a geekier look inside the happenings at Macworld 2010.

Visioneer Strobe 500

The Visioneer Strobe 500's clever docking station allows it to server as both a desktop document scanner and a portable scanner.

Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50

With respectable scan times, decent scan speeds, and the best looking color scans we’ve seen from a document scanner, the Workforce Pro GT S50 is one of the better document scanners available.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M

For those looking to reduce the amount of paper in their life, the space-saving, easy to use ScanSnap S1500m offers competitive price and solid performance.

HP ScanJet G3110

If you're in the market for an affordable photo scanner with the ability to capture accurate color and detail, along with the occasional slide or film scan, the HP Scanjet G3110 is worth considering.

Canon ImageFormula DR-2010M

If you’re looking for a scanner to help pare down your paper pile, the imageFORMULA DR-2010M should be on your list.