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Free music site attracts wrath of industry

&mp The cofounder of a Web site that offers free streamed music from top artists said he;#8217;s determined to operate his service legally despite menacing overtures from Universal Music Group.

Court holds Belgian ISP responsible for file-sharing

A court in Belgium has ruled that the ISP Scarlet Extended must prevent illegal-file sharing on its network.

T-Mobile to sell iPhone in Germany on Nov. 1, report says

Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile division has won a deal to sell Apple’s iPhone in Germany starting Nov. 1, according to a report in a German regional newspaper.

iPhone launch marred by activation delays

Apple's iPhone launch has been marred by delays in activating the devices.

Google's back-up plan: the enterprise

Eric Schmidt said Google’s enterprise business will keep the company thriving if the online ad market ever crashes.

Google to buy location-based photo site Panoramio

Google plans to buy the Spanish photo-sharing Web site Panoramio, it announced Wednesday.

Noose tightens around allofmp3.com

UK police arrested a man who sold vouchers for buying music at the controversial website allofmp3.com.

Microsoft said to be in buyout talks with Yahoo

Microsoft has launched a new round of talks with Yahoo about buying the search-engine company, according to reports in both the New York Post and Wall Street Journal.

CEBIT: CEOs grapple with Web 2.0

CEOs must embrace Web 2.0 technologies, a Gartner analyst said Wednesday, but some CEOs were hesitant.

Belgian court rules against Google News

A Belgian court has upheld an earlier ruling that Google cannot post Belgian newspaper stories on Google News, but cut fines to €25,000 per day, from €1.5M.

Video games can improve your vision, study finds

Playing high-action video games for a few hours each day can improve your vision, according to researchers in the U.S.

French game maker sues Microsoft over mobile 'Halo'

A French games publisher has sued Microsoft for breach of contract over a mobile version of 'Halo.'

Profits overflow for BlackBerry maker

Revenue surged in RIM’s third quarter, helped by sales of its new Pearl device for consumers.

Intuit to buy Digital Insight for $1.4 billion

In an effort to create more "personalized" online banking, Intuit is to buy online banking services company Digital Insight for $1.4 billion.

Google reaches accord with two Belgian press groups

Google has reached agreement with groups representing authors and photographers in Belgium that had objected to the way it displays their content on Google News.