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Sony seen losing big money on PS3 hardware

Sony is taking a big loss on each PlayStation 3 it sells, but customers get a lot of computing power for little money, research company iSuppli said.

Recording industry sues another 8,000 for file sharing

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has announced new lawsuits against 8,000 people it suspects of illegal file sharing in 17 countries.

After Google win, Belgian publishers pursue MSN

MSN Belgium is in talks with a group of national newspaper publishers over the rights to publish their content on its Web site.

Mobile phones to get PVR features next year, TI says

Texas Instruments showed off new technology this week that could bring personal video recording capabilities to mobile phones next year.

Intel may lay off thousands next week, reports say

Intel will announce a restructuring plan next week that could include thousands of layoffs, reports said.

Music industry prepares suit against Yahoo China

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry is preparing a lawsuit against Yahoo China for abetting copyright infringement.

Computex: Valve amplifiers give iPod a retro touch

A Taiwanese company has given the iPod a retro spin with a docking station that features an elegant 1940s-style valve amplifier.

Computex: Intel chipset marks start of its AMD offensive

Intel launched a new chipset for desktop computers on Tuesday, and vowed to take back market share lost to its main rival, AMD, by the end of the year.

Parts of JPEG patent rejected; Forgent to appeal

The US patent office has overturned some, but not all, of the claims in Forgent Networks’ so-called JPEG patent.

Google to sell video ads

Google will expand its advertising options by adding video ads to its arsenal. Advertisers in the US spent more than $12.5 billion last year.

Microsoft fires back at Lucent in Xbox patent dispute

Microsoft filed a countersuit Monday against Lucent Technologies, which sued Microsoft for allegedly using its patented technology in the Xbox 360.

Microsoft buys maker of 'Fable' Xbox game

Microsoft has acquired U.K. gaming company Lionhead Studios for an undisclosed amount, it said Thursday.

Russian Web site offered eBay account info for $5

EBay has helped shut down a Russian Web site that was offering stolen customer account information for $5.

Microsoft readying PSP challenger, reports say

Published reports claim that Microsoft is developing a portable gaming device that also plays video and music.

Opera dismisses Google takeover talk as rumor

Opera said it has not been approached for an acquisition by Google, and dismissed talk of such a move as rumor.