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James Niccolai covers data centers and general technology news for IDG News Service.

Google improves music searches

Google has revamped its search engine to make it easier for users to find music-related content such as lyrics.

MySQL ships major database upgrade

MySQL released the production version of MySQL 5.0, the biggest database upgrade in its 10-year history.

News Corp. to buy IGN Entertainment for $650 million

News Corp. has agreed to buy online games company IGN Entertainment for $650 million in cash, it said Thursday.

Creative is said to ship 4,000 wormy MP3 players

Creative Technology Ltd. has accidentally shipped almost 4,000 digital music players in Japan that contain a Windows worm, according to an advisory from Finnish security company F-Secure Corp.

AMD asks Intel for a dual-core duel

AMD challenged Intel to a public duel to see who has the fastest dual-core chips.

Experts see new variants of Windows 2000 worm

Antivirus vendors reported new variants of the Zotob worm, but the outbreak appears less severe than first feared.

UK says contracts can't discriminate against AMD

The UK has said that public agencies can't specify brands in contracts for IT gear, in a move applauded by AMD.

Microsoft settles with 'Spam King' for $7 million

Microsoft Corp. has settled a lawsuit that it filed two years ago against the self-proclaimed "King of Spam," Scott Richter, who at one time helped distribute more than 38 billion unsolicited e-mails per year, Microsoft said Tuesday.

Mozilla creates money-making subsidiary

The Mozilla Foundation has created a commercial subsidiary to handle the money it makes.

Gordon Moore looks back, and forward, 40 years

Forty years after he coined the most famous law in computing, Gordon Moore still has a few words of advice for the industry. For software developers: Simplify! Your interfaces are getting worse. Nanotechnology? Don't believe the hype; silicon chips are here to stay. Artificial intelligence? Try again, folks! You're barking up the wrong tree.

Jef Raskin, lead designer of the Macintosh, dies

Jef Raskin, the lead designer of the first Macintosh computer and a pioneer in the development of user interfaces, died Saturday at age 61. He had been diagnosed recently with pancreatic cancer, his family said in a statement.

Court rules against Lexmark in printer case

Lexmark International Inc. has suffered a setback in its bid to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to prevent other companies from making low-cost, refurbished toner cartridges for its printers.

DOJ steps up Longhorn scrutiny

Microsoft Corp. will meet with representatives from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) next month for the first of several briefings intended to ensure that its upcoming Longhorn operating system complies with the terms of the final judgment in the government's antitrust case against the software maker.