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James Niccolai covers data centers and general technology news for the IDG News Service, and is based in San Francisco.

Judge in Oracle-Google case gets a lesson in Java

Lawyers for Oracle and Google gave the judge overseeing their Java patent dispute a tutorial on Wednesday that underscored the complexity of the case between the two companies.

SugarCRM buys Lotus Notes tools, cozies up to IBM

SugarCRM bought a vendor of customer relationship management software for IBM Lotus Notes, while adding social CRM features for the iPad and other devices.

Has HP done enough to rival the iPad?

After HP unveiled a tablet computer earlier this week, the question many are asking is whether the company did enough to steal any thunder -- and business -- away from the iPad.

HP launches first run at the tablet market

Hewlett-Packard rolled out its debut entrant into the red-hot tablet market, the HP Touchpad, as well as two new smartphones. All three devices will run the latest version of webOS that HP acquired last year when it bought Palm.

Live Update: HP WebOS Event

Could we be about to see HP's first tablet with WebOS? Jason Snell is at the event in San Francisco to find out.

3DTV makers hope for a better 2011

Ever-optimistic 3D TV makers say a wider selection of films and some modest technology improvements should make 2011 a better year.

UltraViolet could mean you'll really 'own' that movie

A group of Hollywood studios and technology companies has come up with a system for buying digital movies and TV shows that's supposed to do away with the problem of content being locked to a narrow set of devices by the company that sold it.

Skype buys Qik mobile video streaming service

Skype has acquired Qik, the mobile-to-mobile video streaming service, as part of an effort to expand its voice and video calling service beyond PCs and to more devices.

Yahoo opens 'chicken coop' green data center

Yahoo has opened a new data center in New York state that runs on hydro power and will be cooled almost entirely by fresh air.

Mark Hurd may take job at Oracle, report says

Former HP boss Mark Hurd is in talks to take a job at Oracle, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday, citing unnamed sources.

Oracle sues Google over Java use in Android

Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Google, charging that its Android phone software infringes on Oracle patents and copyrights related to Java.

HP wants Palm OS for Web-connected printers, Hurd says

HP is buying Palm because it wants the company's operating system to use in Web-connected printers, Chairman and CEO Mark Hurd said on Tuesday.

Twitter gives the lowdown on its new business model

Twitter's COO described a two-pronged plan on Wednesday for how the company plans to make money.

Biz Stone: Twitter has 105 million users

Twitter's co-founders kicked off the first-ever developer conference with word that the service has 105 million users.

Dell sues five LCD makers for alleged price-fixing

Dell has filed a lawsuit against five LCD makers for allegedly colluding to fix prices for their products, a Dell spokesman said Monday.