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Yahoo still mulling its options, Yang says

Yahoo has made no decision about Microsoft’s takeover bid and is considering a wide range of alternatives, CEO Jerry Yang told staff in an e-mail Wednesday.

Microsoft clears Vista Home for virtualization

Microsoft has cleared the lower-priced versions of Windows Vista for use with virtualization programs such as Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion.

Mozilla gets a new CEO

Mitchell Baker has stepped down as the CEO of Mozilla Corporation and named John Lilly, chief operating officer, as the new CEO.

US bans spare lithium batteries from checked bags

New rules in the US from Jan 1 will prohibit air passengers from packing spare laptop batteries in their checked luggage.

Analysis: Opera seeks tougher remedy in Microsoft case

Opera’s antitrust complaint may bring tougher remedies on Microsoft than the earlier case involving media players.

Designer: Amazon's Kindle 'a bit sad'

The French designer Philippe Starck proclaimed Amazon's Kindle e-book reader "almost modern" but "a bit sad."

Facebook ID, fraud, and the dark side of the Web

The Le Web 3 conference kicked off in Paris Tuesday with a discussion about the dark side of Web 2.0.

Nokia lays plan for more Internet services

Nokia unveiled an ambitious plan on Tuesday to move beyond cell phones and deeper into the world of Internet services.

Nokia to launch 'free' music download service

Nokia will launch a new service next year that allows people who buy certain phones to download music for free for a year after they purchase the device.

Ed Zander replaced at struggling Motorola

Ed Zander will give up his job as the CEO of Motorola at the end of the year, the company announced Friday.

Google gets extension in Northeastern patent suit

Google has been given an extension until January to reply to a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Northeastern University.

UK iPhone users complain of weak signal

Some people who bought the iPhone in the U.K. since it went on sale there on Nov. 9 are complaining of a weak or no signal from O2's network.

DOJ is opposed to extending Microsoft sanctions

The U.S. DOJ will not seek to extend the restrictions placed on Microsoft’s business practices following its antitrust settlement in 2002.

Universal rousing an iTunes rebellion, report says

The head of Universal Music is enlisting partners for a new music service that will seek to undermine Apple's iTunes, a report Friday said.

Nokia buys mapping service for US$8.1 billion

Nokia agreed to buy digital mapping company Navteq for $8.1 billion, supporting a plan to add navigation capabilities to more of its devices.