Kingdom of the Blue Whale for iPhone and iPad

I-Play's Kingdom of the Blue Whale allows you to generate jigsaw puzzles from among over fifty beautiful aquatic pictures from the National Geographic Society.

Monster Mayhem

Monster Mayhem is a fantastic castle defense game brimming with quality and attention to detail.

Risk: The Official Game for iPhone

There is a crowded field of Risk imitators, but at long last, Electronic Arts has delivered the only game that can carry the name Risk.

Uphill Rush 2 for iPhone

Uphill Rush 2 provides some challenging stunt driving thrills if you can get past the learning curve for the controls.

CrossRoads for iPhone

The object of CrossRoads is deceptively simple: you must keep traffic flowing through a busy network of streets and intersections.

Zombie Infection for iPhone

Another pesky infection is spreading, and it's turning the locals into crazed zombies. In this action-packed shooter, the fate of humanity rests in your hands.

Bloomies for iPhone

Bloomies brings a colorful, beautifully drawn garden to life, where having a green thumb is not a requirement. All that is needed is a few moments a day to keep your bloomies watered, and before long, you’ll have a virtual garden that’s the envy of every master gardener.

Lt. Fly Rise of the Arachnids for iPhone

Be prepared to feverishly multitask as you simultaneously handle a matching game and an attacking army of arachnid invaders.

Lightsaber Unleashed for iPhone

If you’ve ever found yourself pretending to swing around a lightsaber or even thought about it, Lightsaber Unleashed from TheMacBox is the app for you. Now fully licensed by Lucasfilm, this virtual lightsaber will satisfy your inner Jedi.

N.O.V.A. HD for iPad

NOVA HD preserves everything that worked for the iPhone version and brings with it higher resolution graphics and a few control tweaks.

Fieldrunners for iPad

Fieldrunners enjoyed great reviews and tremendous success for the iPhone, and now Subatomic Studios hopes to continue that success with Fieldrunners for iPad.

Angry Birds HD for iPad

Angry Birds HD by Chillingo brings all the greatness of the original version with the added bonus of a larger canvas on which to slingshot your bird horde at the clever defenses of the little green pigs.

Pinheads Party for iPad

Pinheads Party by Republic of Fun is one of the first multiplayer board games to appear on the iPad. It makes excellent use of the iPad’s larger screen and shows plenty of potential, however, the gameplay comes up a little short.

Heavy Gunner 3D for iPad

Heavy Gunner 3D for iPad by Com2uS puts you at the controls of a massive space weapon charged with protecting the fleet from an alien race of machines. Explosions ensue.

Star Wars Cantina for iPhone, iPad

The Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars certainly had a motley bunch of alien patrons, so what would it be like to have to wait on them? In Star Wars Cantina, by THQ, you’ll have to think quickly to have a chance at keeping your demanding customers happy.