Asphalt 5 HD for iPad

After a few laps around Asphalt 5's track, you’ll find it very difficult returning to racing games on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

Touch Carrom: Striker Edition for iPhone

Touch Carrom by Zentity brings the tabletop game of carrom to the iPhone or iPod touch. Carrom is a cross between billiards and shuffleboard that has gained popularity throughout the world. Now Zentity hopes to translate the game's popularity to a new market of gamers.

Rafter for iPhone

Rafter by Emantras is a beautifully drawn physics-based puzzle game inspired by Da Vinci. The point of the game is to strike a red mine. To get there, you'll need to draw circular or rectangular shapes that bounce through the maze-like levels. Rafter may sound easy, but the increasingly difficult 31 levels are a constant trial of geometry, physics, and sketching ability.

Tank Raider for iPhone

Tank Raider is a retro tank arcade game by Sunday Solutions that puts you at the controls of an arcade tank pitted against three crafty computer-controlled tanks. Your mission is to capture and hold more gems than the other tanks.