Asphalt 5 HD for iPad

After a few laps around Asphalt 5's track, you’ll find it very difficult returning to racing games on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

Touch Carrom: Striker Edition for iPhone

Touch Carrom by Zentity brings the tabletop game of carrom to the iPhone or iPod touch. Carrom is a cross between billiards and shuffleboard that has gained popularity throughout the world. Now Zentity hopes to translate the game's popularity to a new market of gamers.

Rafter for iPhone

Rafter by Emantras is a beautifully drawn physics-based puzzle game inspired by Da Vinci. The point of the game is to strike a red mine. To get there, you'll need to draw circular or rectangular shapes that bounce through the maze-like levels. Rafter may sound easy, but the increasingly difficult 31 levels are a constant trial of geometry, physics, and sketching ability.

Tank Raider for iPhone

Tank Raider is a retro tank arcade game by Sunday Solutions that puts you at the controls of an arcade tank pitted against three crafty computer-controlled tanks. Your mission is to capture and hold more gems than the other tanks.

Battle for Vesta for iPhone

Battle for Vesta from Insight Industries is a first-person 3D space combat game with smooth gameplay but little frills. You pilot your spacecraft while mining for crystals, avoiding asteroids, and fighting off enemy spacecraft in a sci-fi adventure not yet seen on the iPhone.

Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club for iPhone

In Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club by Maxmars, you join the game's title characters as they help the police solve a murder mystery. You'll need skills, but not your typical detective skills.

Snow Moto Racing for iPhone

Resolution Interactive succeeds in creating a unique racing game in Snow Moto Racing. This arcade game puts you in the seat of a snowmobile to race against seven computer-controlled opponents across six snow covered tracks.

Spank A Monkey for iPhone

Spank A Monkey stars Sugar, the monkey. The game's objective is to make Sugar happy by following her four simple commands: lift, shake, pinch, or spank. Do so enough times in sequence without error and you earn a banana and advance to the next level where it is more of the same.

Firefly Night for iPhone

In Firefly Night by Frozen Giant, colorful fireflies dance across your screen, and the objective is to get them into the matching colored jars.

Rabbids Go Phone for iPhone

Rabbids are maniacal rabbits and the stars of the "Rayman Raving Rabbids" series of video games. In Ubisoft's Rabbids Go Phone, you can manipulate and customize your bunny-like Rabbid or simply watch it dance to your soundtrack.

StarBurst for iPhone

Just when you thought a genre of puzzle had played itself out, along comes StarBurst. It succeeds by combining accessible basic gameplay, strategy to challenge the dedicated puzzle fan, and hours of fun for everyone.

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPhone

In Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, you travel back to 1890s London to solve a mystery. Using a handful of skills and the famed detective's powers of deduction, you question the characters and examine the evidence to reveal the identity of the murderer.

Finger Physics for iPhone

Finger Physics by PressOK Entertainment is a beautifully crafted puzzle game that will satisfy everyone from the casual gamer to someone seeking a real challenge.

Pac-Man Championship Edition for iPhone

Pac-Man CE has plenty to tackle, but unless you're a big Pac-Man fan, you might find the bulk of the content repetitive. The missions will develop your skill, but they get old fast.

3D Mini Golf Challenge for iPhone

Digital Chocolate succeeds in bringing a beautiful and entertaining miniature golf game to the iPhone and iPod touch.