Vibration for iPhone

Not everyone will need this app, which uses the built-in accelerometer to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a vibration spectrum analyzer. But if you're an engineer, mechanic, or software developer, Vibration gives you an accurate, easy-to-use tool.

V-Cockpit GPS for iPhone

This app taps into the iPhone's GPS features to provide you with a virtual cockpit to make the journey a little more entertaining.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic for iPhone

The classic first-person shooter has found a new home on the iPhone and iPod touch. Wolfenstein fans will appreciate the smooth transition while a new generation of players gets introduced to a great game.

Catcha Mouse 2 for iPhone

Odasoft has followed up on its popular Catcha Mouse game with a sequel that introduces more levels and a new multiplayer mode.

Pocket Tunes Radio for iPhone

This streaming radio app distinguishes itself from rival App Store offerings by giving you access to satellite radio stations through its built-in browser.

Night Camera for iPhone

Night Camera adds many valuable features to the iPhone’s much-maligned camera, chiefly the ability to shoot photos in low-light situations.

Convertbot for iPhone

You won't find a quicker, more elegant way to convert distances, measurements, temperatures, currencies, and other items than with this utility from Tapbots.

DLO iBoom and Ewoo eFizz

DLO's iBoom and Ewoo's eFizz are iPod speaker systems that aim to stand out from the pack by providing large LCD-equipped remote controls that let you browse your iPod's menus and content from across the room.

TappyTunes for iPhone

Anyone -- particularly younger children -- can pick up TappyTunes and play the music game in seconds.

Fire Words for iPhone

Fire Words is a wonderful word game that can keep you engaged for a minute or an hour at a time.

iStat for iPhone

iStat displays data about your iPhone. But its true value comes when you pair it with the free iStat Server for the Mac to get remote access to your Mac's statistics.

eBay Mobile for iPhone

Whether you’re a Power Seller or just an occasional eBay buyer or seller, eBay Mobile is an excellent way to keep track of auctions on your iPhone or iPod touch.

HP iPrint Photo for iPhone

HP iPrint Photo is something of a one-trick pony, though for owners of HP printers, it does that trick pretty well.

Blocked for iPhone

Easy to learn and addictive, this sliding puzzle game is a perfect match for Apple’s mobile devices thanks to the touch screen controls.

Touch Physics for iPhone

This charming puzzle game brings crayon sketches to life and provides lots of replay value.