Shiira 2.2

This open source Web browser is based on the same technology as Safari, but it has a few innovative features to separate it from Apple's Web browser.

Safari 3.0.4

The latest version of Apple's Web browser builds upon a solid foundation with powerful new features to handle complex Web content.

Review: iWeb '08

If you are an organization or small-business looking for iWeb to do anything more than the basics, and particularly if you are not a .Mac customer, you will be disappointed. The blogging feature still lacks some standard features found in other common blog products, but it will do for most personal use.

First Look: First Look: iWeb '08

We wrap up our first looks at the components of iLife '08 with a rundown of the changes in iWeb. The web-publishing tool's biggest additions come in the areas of Photo Album management and Web 2.0 technologies.

Journler 2.5.2

Journler 2.5.2 turns the basic word processor into a tool you can use to connect and organize your thoughts and ideas. Whether you need a tool to keep a daily blog, record project notes, or write a novel, if you own a Mac and use it to write, you should try Journler.

Merlin 2.0.3

A great piece of software feels natural to use and turns even the most-complex tasks into an easily managed process. Merlin 2.0.3 has almost reached that level of ease of use and sophistication for project management.

OmniPlan 1.0

If you need a bare-bones program for managing a schedule and resources for a single project, OmniPlan 1.0’s easy-to-use interface will please you. However, project managers with multiple, complex projects should look elsewhere for software that will help shoulder their burden.


InspireData is for teachers who are looking for a superior tool to help students turn raw data into meaningful information. By providing a simple working environment, InspireData works better as a teaching tool than more complex software like Microsoft Excel.

Merlin 1.3.11

If you are looking for project-management software that takes full advantage of the Mac’s capabilities, then look no further than Merlin. Despite a few shortcomings, Merlin delivers everything you need with the style and finesse you’d expect from an application built exclusively for the Mac.

Freeway 4 Pro

If you are accustomed to tinkering with HTML code in applications like Dreamweaver or GoLive, Freeway 4 Pro could take some getting used to. However, if you are coming from the print world, Freeway Pro will be exactly what you need to realize your vision in the online world.

OpenWeb 3.0

OpenWeb 3.0.2 is an invaluable time-saver for experienced sysadmins who want to get their Web servers up and running as quickly as possible. It’s also an excellent training tool for rookies who want to manage their own Web servers.

Encyclopedia Software

If you grew up before the Internet era, there’s a good chance that you or someone you knew owned a set of encyclopedias, complete with full-color illustrations and transparent overlays showing the human digestive system. Nowadays, the Web is the ultimate repository of information.

Cosmic Blobs 1.1

If you have the Mac horsepower and kids who want to begin exploring 3-D modeling or just play with virtual clay, Cosmic Blobs provides an enjoyable introduction without having to get bogged down in the complexities of wireframes and polygons.

Site Soap 1.2

If you receive Web pages and images from various sources, especially from Microsoft Word, and you need a quick and inexpensive way to clean and optimize them before you put the content online, Site Soap 1.2 will serve you well.

Web browsers for kids

Two browsers made especially for kids, KidsBrowser 3.2 and BumperCar 2.0, make the Web more fun (for kids) and safe (for parents).