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Jason is the former editorial director of Macworld, and has reviewed every major Apple product of the last few years, including the original iPhone and iPad as well as every major version of Mac OS X. Check out Sixcolors.com for his latest Apple coverage.

Windows 8, Apple, and the Future

Jason Snell and Harry McCracken of Technologizer discuss Microsoft's answer to the iPad... which turns out to also be Microsoft's answer to Lion. Why do Apple and Microsoft view the world so differently? And are they headed in opposite directions?

Windows 8, iOS, and the future

Jason Snell on how Windows 8 shows that Apple and Microsoft have very different views of the future of personal technology.

Ambrosia releases Soundboard for iPad

Ambrosia Software on Friday released an iPad edition of Soundboard, its sound-effects utility for podcasters, broadcasters, and other live performers.

Use Skype and GarageBand to make a podcast that sounds great

Jason Snell has been going podcast wild the last year. Here are a bunch of tips based on what he's learned.

Roku 2 delivers cheap, easy video streaming

The Roku 2 video players offer cheap, easy video streaming, with support for lots of content sources Apple TV can't match. Unless you've got an investment in iTunes videos or a lot of video files sitting on your home network, Roku 2 is worth serious consideration.

Apple and Jobs -- the past, the future

Steve Jobs has stepped down as Apple's CEO. Jason Snell, Andy Ihnatko, Michael Gartenberg, and Chris Breen discuss Apple's past, present, and future.

Life after Jobs: Why Apple isn't doomed

Steve Jobs stepping away from Apple as CEO is a big deal, Jason Snell says. But the former Apple CEO has crafted the company in his own image.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple CEO, with Tim Cook named as his successor and Jobs being appointed chairman of Apple's Board of Directors.

Hands on with Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader

Jason Snell compares the new Kindle Cloud Reader web app to its native iOS equivalent.

Syncing PDFs with the iPad

Jason Snell has tried to find ways to sync e-mailed PDFs with his iPad quickly and easily. He's found a solution, but still isn't really satisfied.

Comic-Con: Attack of the iOS games

Jason Snell's last report from San Diego Comic-Con points to a surprising new trend: iOS games are the latest source for inspiration for the comics market.

Core i5 MacBook Airs approach perfection

With the new MacBook Air models introduced in July 2011, Apple's smallest notebook has arrived dead center in the company's product line. This is the laptop OS X Lion was designed for.

Comic-Con embraces the iPad era

Jason Snell is back from Comic-Con with details about how the iPad is changing the way the comics industry does its business.

Apple adds Core i5, Thunderbolt to MacBook Air

Apple on Wednesday announced an update to the MacBook Air product line that adds Intel Core i5 processors, fast Thunderbolt connectivity, a backlit keyboard, and improved configuration options.

Lion: The Complete Macworld Review

Combine the influx of new Mac users with Apple's development of iOS, and you get Lion, the most significant upgrade to OS X since its debut more than ten years ago. Can one OS please both Mac vets and novices? Jason Snell has the review.