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Jason is the former editorial director of Macworld, and has reviewed every major Apple product of the last few years, including the original iPhone and iPad as well as every major version of Mac OS X. Check out Sixcolors.com for his latest Apple coverage.

Macworld Podcasts

The state of Apple

From the Macworld | iWorld show floor, Jason Snell talks with Daring Fireball's John Gruber and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andy Ihnatko about Apple in the post-Steve Jobs era.

Apple TV "hobby" nets 1.4M quarterly sales

Apple's "hobby" product, Apple TV, sold a record 1.4 million units in Apple's most recent financial quarter, according to CEO Tim Cook.


Live Event: Apple First Quarter Earnings (2012)

Lex Friedman and Jason Snell will have live coverage of Apple's call with financial analysts following their quarterly earnings statement.

Why iBooks Author is a big deal for publishers

Why is iBooks author such a big deal for publishers? Because now creators can make interactive books without all the expense of app development.

Macworld Podcasts

Live from CES 2012

Jason Snell, Alexandra Chang, and Serenity Caldwell report from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The iPhone: Five years later...

Jason Snell looks back on the unveiling of the original iPhone.

Video: Join audiobook tracks for iTunes

Jason Snell shows you three ways to join audio tracks together for use in iTunes.

Pundit Showdown XIV

Jason Snell, Philip Michaels, Andy Ihnatko, Glenn Fleishman, and Dan Moren. Four pundits enter. The hot topics of 2011 are discussed. Only one will exit as this year's All-Star Pundit Showdown champion.

Competitor: GoDaddy is thwarting domain transfers

A competitor of controversial domain-name provider Go Daddy is claiming the company is delaying the transfer of data from departing customers, in violation of name-service rules.

Key hole

Report: Phishing attack targets Apple customers

An email posing as one from Apple is making the rounds, attempting to steal users' credit-card information.

Macworld Podcasts

Greg Pak's 'Vision Machine'

Jason Snell interviews comic-book author Greg Pak, who earlier this year released a free three-issue comic about the intersection of technology and societal change.

Amazon admits to selling lots of Kindles

Amazon announced Thursday that it's selling more than a million Kindles per week. So what does that mean?

RiffTrax player brings movie commentary to the Mac

RiffTrax released its new RiffPlayer app, which combines DVDs with humorous Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style commentaries.

VMware backtracks on OS X Client virtualization

VMware posted an oblique blog post suggesting that it's going to close the loophole it opened in Fusion 4.1 that allowed OS X client editions to run in a virtual machine.

VMware Fusion update lets users virtualize Leopard, Snow Leopard

The VMware Fusion 4.1 released Thursday has an unheralded feature: the ability to run the non-server versions of Snow Leopard and Leopard in virtual machines.