Jason TocciMacworld

Review: Monster Life for iOS

This Pokémon lookalike game offers charm for a price.

Plague Inc. for iPhone and iPad

This disease-themed simulation game is difficult enough to challenge you, approachable enough to be learned, and -- with a variety of unlockable plague types -- variable enough to keep you busy long after you've beaten it the first time.

The Act for iPhone and iPad

At its best, this interactive comedy from Chillingo shows off beautifully animated physical comedy. But the actual game itself can be frustrating due to a lack of feedback.

Band Together for iPad

This puzzle game for the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad offers some detailed visuals and a little replayability, but is limited to only 30 levels, meaning there's only an hour or two of play time.

Adventure Bar Story for iPhone

If you're thrilled by the prospect of optimizing cutlery for both the kitchen and the battlefield, this role-playing game may appeal to you. Others may be put off by its awkward control scheme and quirks.

Fibble for iPhone and iPad

This physics puzzler proves to be a visual delight, especially on the iPad's expanded playing surface.

Circadia for iPhone and iPad

This music-based puzzle game features a beautifully simple and intuitive interface. Fans of puzzlers with a good ear will find Circadia to be a nice way to chill out, but the fun is likely to wear off fast for players with less patience.

Robo5 for iPhone and iPad

This puzzle game has some charm, but it also has somewhat unintuitive controls. The iPad version is more playable than its iPhone counterpart, thanks to the former device's larger screen.

Machinarium for iPad

This iPad 2 adventure game offers a truly unique experience with more heart than the average tin man.

Tiny Heroes for iPhone

Fans of tower defense games will embrace this iOS offering, which keeps the challenges coming by offering changing maps and unique levels.