Jay J. NelsonContributor, Macworld

Jay Nelson is a printing, design, and publishing industry veteran. As editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly for 21 years, he chronicled publishing's evolution from manual paste-up to iPads. He loves fonts and font technology, manages PhotoLesa.com and publishes e-books at TheSkinnyBooks.com.

PopChar X 5.0

Numerous improvements and fixes grace the new version of PopChar. Here's our review.

The MyFonts Top 10

What makes a font great? Font expert Jay Nelson takes a tour through some MyFonts best sellers.

Veenix TypeBook Creator 2.4.1

Veenix TypeBook Creator's unique feature set lets you explore the fonts you have, offers the best selection of layouts for specimen pages, and is reasonably priced.

Find your favorite TV and movie fonts

Ever wonder about the name of the font for your favorite TV show or movie? Yes, you're weird. No, you're not alone. Jay Nelson tells you where such seekers may find.

Font tips: Printing type samples

If you have to choose and compare fonts, the best way is to print a type specimen book. Here are some resources you can use for the best results.

Verdana Pro: Not just another pretty face

Two of the Web's core fonts—Verdana and Georgia—are overhauled with new pro versions.

TypeStyler X (v.10.6)

TypeStyler X's breadth and depth of its typographic features and constant visual feedback make it perfectly suited for teaching many aspects of graphic design

Hark! Holiday fonts

Looking for holiday fonts to give your cards, letters, and Web sites a festive touch? Check out these suggestions.

Safe fonts: Conquering the cross-platform divide

Font sharing across platforms, and even between previous Mac operating systems, can be tricky. Here are some of the problems you might encounter and some suggestions on how to solve them.

Explore your font characters

Jay Nelson talks about the American Scribe typeface, a digital version of the script that was used to write the Declaration of Independence.