Jay J. NelsonContributor, Macworld

Jay Nelson is a printing, design, and publishing industry veteran. As editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly for 21 years, he chronicled publishing's evolution from manual paste-up to iPads. He loves fonts and font technology, manages PhotoLesa.com and publishes e-books at TheSkinnyBooks.com.

iWatermark 3.0

If you need to add watermarks to a lot of images, iWatermark provides a big bang for your buck. It not only succeeds admirably at its core task, but it adds several other valuable timesaving features to the package.

ColorWasher 2.0

If you’re not willing or able to spend the hours necessary to understand, let alone master, Adobe Photoshop’s color-correction tools, there are several plug-ins that can do the heavy lifting for you. One of the best is ColorWasher 2.0.

iCorrect Portrait 1.0.1

iCorrect Portrait 1.0.1 is a fast and simple way for both hobbyists and commercial photographers to dramatically improve bad photos and fine-tune good ones.

Sharpener Pro 2.0

Even if you do know how much to sharpen an image, Adobe Photoshop’s built-in sharpening tools may not be intuitive or efficient enough for high-volume workflows. Nik Multimedia’s Sharpener Pro 2.0 aims to simplify sharpening, and it succeeds.

Photoshop plug-ins

A thriving cottage industry of plug-ins, filters, and actions has emerged around Photoshop’s architecture, and today there are supplemental plug-ins or actions for nearly every need, interest, and user level.

More Photoshop plug-ins

Two new filter packages can make your image or logo look as if it were printed on a variety of different surfaces or add just the right touch of decrepit aging.