A Zebra with stripes of a different color

How do unusual font families work? It's simple: each part is actually a separate font, designed to match up perfectly if you stack two or more text containers on top of each other. If you want a unique look for your brochure, poster, or Web site, here are a couple of ways to accomplish it.

iStudio Publisher 1.0.4

iStudio Publisher aims to fill the gaping hole in the page layout software market that lies between Apple’s Pages and the pro-level powerhouses, QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign.

Review: Suitcase Fusion 2

If you don't need to share a font library across a workgroup and you're looking for a font management utility, Fusion 2 has plenty of unique features to get excited about. It adds and activates fonts in a snap and you can preview your fonts on your actual layout.