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Covert digital cameras for budding spies

These cameras that resemble gum packages, shavers, and even hand-held vacuums make spying all too easy.

Apple Battery Charger slays vampire draw

Apple's AA battery charger uses far less power than competitors' products once the batteries are fully charged, according to the company.

Twitter zaps bug by wiping out followers

To kill a bug that allowed a user to force other users to follow him or her, Twitter temporarily reset all follower/following counts to zero on Monday.

YouTube makeover designed to keep you watching

Two months after entering beta, YouTube's video page redesign is ready for its close up.

Firms gear up to ride iPad coattails

With the Apple iPad launch just days away, third-party developers and peripheral makers are scurrying to get their iPad-friendly wares to market in time.

Netflix streaming via Wii coming really soon

Netflix has started shipping instant-streaming discs to some of its members to test streaming movies and TV shows via the Wii console.

Sony lowers e-reader price to $170 -- for now

With the Apple iPad arriving in less than two weeks, Sony is making things interesting in the e-reader market by temporarily cutting the price of its Pocket Edition device.

YouTube offers auto-captioning to all users

YouTube is opening up its auto-caption feature to everybody, a move that benefits not only deaf users, but also people who watch videos in really noisy places.

Analysis: Mobile operators versus the App Store

PC World's Jeff Bertolucci wonders if two dozen global carriers can work together to actually build an open marketplace for apps that challenges Apple's App Store.

Study tries to pin a number on App Store piracy

A new report on App Store piracy claims Apple and developers have lost more than $450 million to piracy since July 2008. But critics on the blogosphere are treating that number with skepticism.

Could a tablet replace your notebook?

With all the tablet talk coming out of last week's Consumer Electronics Show, PC World's Jeff Bertolucci wonders if tablets can replace laptops for some users.

Skiff's innovative big-screen e-book to debut at CES

The Hearst publishing company's e-reader strategy will take a big step forward at CES in Las Vegas this week, when the unique Skiff Reader makes its debut.

Never mind the Nexus One, how about a cheaper cell plan?

Based on this week's flurry of media reports, it appears that Google will introduce its Nexus One smartphone right after the New Year. But reports suggest that this smartphone will be business as usual.