Why BlackBerry's lead over the iPhone won't last

The BlackBerry Curve moved past the iPhone to become the top-selling consumer smart phone in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2009. But PC World's Jeff Bertolucci doesn't expect that trend to last.

AT&T gears up for Palm Pre vs. iPhone battle

According to one report, AT&T is girding its loins for battle as Palm prepares to unleash its new Pre smartphone on the world.

How green is Apple: Good citizenship or good business?

The experts agree: Apple really has cleaned up its environmental act. But did it really have any choice? Jeff Bertolucci looks at the business and politics of environmental responsibility.

How green is Apple: Cleaning the supply chain

Is Apple as environmentally friendly as it claims? The first step in examining the truth: Looking at the supply chain and manufacturing processes it uses to create its products.

How green is Apple: Where does the e-waste go?

In the first two parts of our series on Apple's environmental record, Jeff Bertolucci looked at the supply chain and the chemical content of the company's products. Now the question is: What happens to those products when they get thrown away?

How green is Apple?

Are Apple's products environmentally friendlier than its competitors’? Has the company reduced its overall environmental footprint? To find out, Jeff Bertolucci examines Apple’s product chain, from materials and manufacturing to distribution and recycling.

CompUSA is back with a new retail strategy

Under new management, computer retailer CompUSA is looking to revive its fortunes by allowing customers to comparison shop on the Web while in the store.

Qualcomm CEO: Netbooks may soon outsell notebooks

Move over, notebooks. Netbooks may soon become the personal computer of choice for millions of end users, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs says.

Can you trust iTunes App Store reviews?

Are developers themselves gaming the reviews for their own apps in the App Store, to make it seem like user feedback is more positive than it actually is?

How much ink is left in that dead cartridge?

PC World ran printers until they said it was time to change the cartridge—and found that some left more than 40 percent of their ink unused.

Cell phones distract drivers more than passengers do

A University of Utah study found that cell phones distract car drivers more than talkative passengers and that hands-free devices don’t make for safer driving.

HD or standard def? Some consumers still confused

A recent survey shows consumers are confused about what constitutes high definition programming.

Black Friday will be big despite lousy economy, survey says

Consumer Reports expects spending on Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving—to be strong.