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Author and photographer Jeff Carlson is a columnist for the Seattle Times and a senior editor for TidBITS. He is the author of numerous books including The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition; The iPad & iPad mini Pocket Guide; and Photoshop Elements 11: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Review: iDVD '08

Even if you prefer to burn your movies to DVD instead of uploading them to a Web site or YouTube, chances are iDVD alone won’t sway you to buy the iLife ‘08 suite. But given Apple’s disinterest in the format, it’s encouraging to see the fine improvements in iDVD ‘08.

First Look: First Look: iDVD '08

Steve Jobs didn't spend much time on iDVD when unveiling iLife '08, but that doesn't mean there weren't changes to the DVD creation program. Jeff Carlson looks at what's new in the latest version of iDVD.

First Look: First Look: iMovie '08

Forget everything you knew about iMovie. Apple has reinvented its digital-video editing application for iLife '08. Jeff Carlson takes a tour of the new application to see what's improved over past versions of iMovie -- and what's missing in action.

Three for the road

If you travel with any regularity, chances are you have your favorite tricks for making each trip go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few more techniques to add to your repertoire, from three of our mobile Mac experts.

Cinematize 2 Pro

Although the less-expensive Cinematize 2 also handles extraction and decoding, the additional features in the Pro version will appeal to anyone who needs to regularly extract media

Symbian: Worldwide dominance, U.S. absence

You may have noticed that one smart phone platform is missing from the larger story: Symbian OS. Although Symbian runs roughly 70 percent of all smart phones worldwide, it has barely a toehold in the United States.

Get in Sync

In the U.S., cell phone providers are most likely to offer phones that run Palm OS, Windows Mobile, or BlackBerry software. Unfortunately, most of these companies don’t have Mac users’ best interests in mind when they create their phones. But with the right smart phone and the right software, you can make your phone and your Mac talk.

Get in Sync: BlackBerry

The e-mail–focused BlackBerry, by Research in Motion (RIM), inaugurated the smart-phone category and is still largely regarded as a must-have accessory in corporate and government realms. Its Mac support is fairly limited, but e-mail junkies can convince a BlackBerry to sync with their Macs.

Get in Sync: Windows Mobile

If you use a Windows PC all day, a smart phone running Windows Mobile is instantly familiar. But that's not a whole lot of help to most Mac users, who have their reasons for avoiding Windows. Still, some people prefer Microsoft's smart phone approach.

Get in Sync: Palm OS

Palm-based PDAs have always been the most Mac-friendly models out there. And with the Treo, Palm has done a nice job of melding its PDAs with a cell phone that Mac users can enjoy toting around and has showed the rest of the industry wha's smart about a smart phone.

Troubleshooting MacBooks

When Apple put the MacBook and the MacBook Pro on the market, both were justly lauded for their superb performance but just as loudly criticized for flawed batteries, overheating, and other glitches. If you’ve been having problems with either model, we have tips for working around the worst of them.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 3.0

Mark/Space has ironed out the most annoying problems of the previous version of The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, creating a utility that’s invaluable if you want to synchronize your data with a Windows Mobile device.

Create a time-lapse movie

Although you can’t fast-forward life, you can speed up time in your movies with time-lapse photography. This video technique compresses hours of action into mere seconds. Once you set up your camera, your Mac does most of the work for you.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.5.1

If you want the advanced features of a Windows Mobile-based smart phone, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.5.1 makes them work for your Mac, with features that go beyond just synchronizing phone numbers and calendar entries.

Back up photos on the road

There’s no point in lugging along a laptop on your vacation just so you can archive or organize your digital pictures. A laptop not only adds weight and heft, but is also vulnerable to theft and damage. Luckily, you have other options. Our recommendations will help ensure that all your photos come home safely with you.