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Author and photographer Jeff Carlson is a columnist for the Seattle Times and a senior editor for TidBITS. He is the author of numerous books including The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition; The iPad & iPad mini Pocket Guide; and Photoshop Elements 11: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Get creative

Life isn’t always all work and no play. When the day is done and Mac users go home, they have a load of creative tools at their disposal. Here are our favorite tips for when it’s time to get creative.

Your Mac's secrets revealed

59 ways to use your applications better, smarter, and faster

Final Cut Express HD 3.5

While the number of changes in Final Cut Express HD 3.5 since the last version are few, the improvements are substantial.

Palm Treo 700p

The Treo 700p is one of the best smartphones on the market, despite its relative expense. And it’s even better if you want to take advantage of its speedy Internet access via the evolution-data optimized cellular data networking standard.

iMovie HD 6.0.1

The 6.0.1 update to iMovie HD fixes a number of glitches in the original version of the digital-video editor.

iDVD 6

The latest version of this DVD-authoring program adds new features that give you futher control over how you structure and customize projects.

iMovie HD 6

iMovie HD 6 isn’t as revolutionary as the previous iMovie release, but there are enough improvements to make it a solid upgrade, especially since it comes packaged with the rest of the iLife ’06 suite.

First Look: iMovie HD 6

There's more to this updated version of iMovie than new animated themes. Jeff Carlson shows you what else is new in this iLife '06 component, from enhanced audio effects to real-time previews of effects.

Laptop ER

If something bad happens to your portable when you’re on the road (or even at home), what’s the next step? Here’s what to do when calamities strike.

Final Cut Express HD

With consumer-level HD cameras still costing between $2,000 and $5,000, most video enthusiasts haven‘t walked through the HD door—but they’re certainly eyeing the possibilities. And Apple is more than happy to welcome them to the party with Final Cut Express HD.

Instant Collaboration

SubEthaEdit can shave hours off projects—from building outlines and conducting group meetings to revising articles.

Mac Security: Fact and Fiction

Are you worrying too much about security—or not enough? Our panel of Mac security experts examines several commonly held assumptions about viruses, spyware, wireless networking, and Web privacy and reveals which ones are true and which ones are false.

iMovie HD

If you’re on the cutting edge of high-definition video and have the gear, the latest version of iMovie is a good first step into that world. But for the rest of us, iMovie HD’s speed improvements alone make the iLife ’05 package worth the price.

iDVD 5

As a complement to iMovie HD, the updated version of Apple’s DVD-creation tool is a solid, though incremental, improvement over the previous edition.

First Look: iPhoto 5

Photo Editor Sees Major Revamp