Jeff CarlsonContributor, Macworld

Author and photographer Jeff Carlson is a columnist for the Seattle Times and a senior editor for TidBITS. He is the author of numerous books including The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition; The iPad & iPad mini Pocket Guide; and Photoshop Elements 11: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Software Bargains: Be Creative

Everyone knows the Mac helps you follow your creative muse. But not everyone knows which Mac programs can tap into that muse without also draining your wallet. Whether it’s Cosmic Painter for drawing, Aquallegro for music, or Blender for 3-D modeling, here are some of our favorite Mac Software Bargains designed for the creative set.

Airport Express

Apple has created a product that not only provides a highly functioning 802.11g base station in a portable shell, but also pushes into a new product category.

ChatBarrier X3 10.3

Intego’s ChatBarrier X3 10.3.1 applies what sounds like a high standard—“military-grade” 512-bit encryption—to iChat messaging

Laptop Battery Smarts

Disappointed with your laptop’s battery life? We’ll show you how to get the most life and performance out of your PowerBook or iBook battery, so you won’t be stuck without juice when you really need it.

Mobile Mac

What happens when you order a hard-working journalist to kick back on the couch? He reviews laptop stands. No matter how you use your portable Mac -- on your lap or on a desk -- one of the 11 stands in this review is right for you.