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Jeff Merron is a writer and editor who wrote full-time for's Page 2 for five years and has contributed to Slate, Consumers Digest,, Information Week, Byte Magazine, and many other national outlets.

Print & Share for iPhone

It’s not clear why Apple left the ability to print out of the iPhone’s capabilities. But Print & Share from EuroSmartz—which can print e-mail, attachments, images, contacts, documents, and Web pages to any network-connected printer—is a pretty good third-party solution.

Forecasting the future for The Weather Channel’s iPhone app

The Weather Channel is top free app among weather offerings at the App Store. We catch up with Louis Gump, vice president of mobile for The Weather Channel to get the scoop on the app’s popularity, what goes in to making the app, and what we can expect in the future.

Review: iFitness for iPhone

For both beginning and intermediate fitness enthusiasts, iFitness is a compact, handy, and surprisingly thorough exercise guide and log.

Review: Weather radar apps for iPhone

If you like keeping close tabs on the weather, a number of dedicated radar apps are there for the choosing. The $10 RadarScope offers appreciable bang for the buck.

Review: Print for iPhone

With Print, you can print Web pages, photos, and contacts from an iPhone or iPod touch to a printer attached to your Mac. But the promising program suffers from some limitations.

Review: for iPhone

The weather forecast app from AccuWeather is elegantly designed and easier to read than a competitive offering from The Weather Channel. But it lacks depth, and you may find yourself looking to other sources for weather info.

Review: iHangman for iPhone

iHangman is a creative and well-executed offering—easily the best hangman game available in the App Store.

Review: The Weather Channel for iPhone

If you’re looking for a solid—if unspectacular—weather app that features frequent updates of current conditions and forecasts, The Weather Channel will serve your needs.

Review: Hangman games for iPhone

Jeff Merron looks at three variations of the classic hangman word game and finds MobilityWare’s offering to be the best, thanks to its nifty graphical themes and extensive word lists.

JoeSoft Jax

Review: JoeSoft Jax 1.0.2

Jax has lots of potential, in part because it’s designed to be expandable; JoeSoft promises “dozens of new Jaks” that will be available as free downloads. However, much of the potential rests in a hope that JoeSoft will make much-needed bug fixes and improvements in functions that the existing modules don’t do well enough.

Sonic Impact Video-55

Portable video player for fifth-generation iPods.

Review: Philips DCP750

Philip’s DCP750 is the most thoughtfully-designed iPod video viewers we’ve yet tested. The top-loading DVD player appears to have been a primary consideration, rather than an afterthought, and it shows in the unit’s ease of use and output quality. Philips seems to have done just about everything right, including choosing an attractive price point. Although not cheap, at $150 the DCP750 definitely gives you your money’s worth.

Philips DCP750

Portable DVD and iPod video player.