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Sonic Impact Video-55

Portable video player for fifth-generation iPods.

Review: Philips DCP750

Philip’s DCP750 is the most thoughtfully-designed iPod video viewers we’ve yet tested. The top-loading DVD player appears to have been a primary consideration, rather than an afterthought, and it shows in the unit’s ease of use and output quality. Philips seems to have done just about everything right, including choosing an attractive price point. Although not cheap, at $150 the DCP750 definitely gives you your money’s worth.

Philips DCP750

Portable DVD and iPod video player.

iLuv i1055

Portable DVD and iPod video player.

Neat Products Hangman

Carrying hook for dockable iPods.

Review: Memorex iFlip 8.4

The iFlip isn’t a jack-of-all-trades product, but as an early starter in the video-iPod accessories game, it does a fair job of making iPod video-viewing more pleasant.

Memorex iFlip 8.4

Portable video player for fifth-generation iPods.

Gear Guide: iPod grab bag

From software to apparel, we look at 10 items that will make your iPod more complete this coming holiday season.

Sleeping Beauty

If you're a believer in power naps, Pzziz will help you catch a few winks more deeply and more efficiently.

Gear Guide: For your iPod’s protection

If you'd like to preserve your iPod for as long as possible, you're going to need to take out an insurance policy in the form of some sort of protective wrapping. We list a few of our favorites in the third installment of our iPod Winter Gear Guide.

Gear Guide: For the enjoyment of others

Sometimes, you want to share the music. The second installment of Playlist's Winter Gear Guide features speakers, clocks and docks that will help you do just that.

Gear Guide: For your private enjoyment

We kick off our winter gear guide with a look at iPod-friendly headphones, speakers, and software aimed at your personal listening pleasure.

Review: Adeo Fitness Trainer

This GPS receiver with an audio interface tracks your outdoor workouts, and it may appeal to runners, hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who work out in areas that don't require a sophisticated GPS. However, a clumsy interface and spotty GPS performance may put off some users.

Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Unique accessory for iPod nano tracks your workout.

Review: Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Runners and walkers, whether casual or serious, should find a lot to like in the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, which uses hardware and software to provide feedback on the time, distance, and pace of your workout. It's easy enough to use for beginners and technophobes alike, while reliable enough for even competitive runners.