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Jeff Merron is a writer and editor who wrote full-time for's Page 2 for five years and has contributed to Slate, Consumers Digest,, Information Week, Byte Magazine, and many other national outlets.

FileBrowser for iPad

This app for accessing files on your iPad is very useful, though it could be a more powerful utility if it was more iPad-like.

Noterize for iPad

It may lack the flash and capabilities of some competitors, but this combined note taking and document annotation app for the iPad is stable and reliable.

Zen Viewer HD for iPad

This app, which lets you read, view, and listen to many common types of files, has style and potential. But at this point, it's missing the reliability most users would want in their default file viewer.

Weather+ for iPhone and iPad

Whether on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, this app, which provides time, temperature, humidity, and precipitation forecasts, is beautiful and well-designed.

Windowshop for iPad

While this iPad shopping app from Amazon is is slick, well-produced, and easy enough to navigate, the online retailing giant's other app, Amazon Mobile, provides a better shopping experience for iOS users.

PrintBureau update removes background printing from other apps

In the latest update to its iOS printing app, EuroSmartz removed a background printing feature at Apple's request. The ability to print from the background of other apps using AirPlay required a private API, which Apple's iOS development rules forbid.

Pennant for iPad

Baseball fans will find a lot to like about the way this iPad app presents baseball statistics. But because the information lacks depth and other sources do a better job presenting the same numbers -- usually for free -- Pennant's pleasures are fleeting.

Save2PDF for iPhone and iPad

This PDF creation app fills a unique need on the iOS platform and does the job quite well.

YP Yellow Pages apps for iPhone and iPad

The iPhone version of this Yellow Pages app outshines its iPad counterpart after a recent update that added easy to access lists of local deals and upcoming local events.

Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone and iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this mobile Web browser offer a workaround to Apple's lack of support for Flash on the iOS platform. The apps work as advertised -- some of the time -- but serious surfers may find Skyfire's limitations frustrating.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad

The iPad version of this mobile office suite has some limitations, but the app's robust and responsive functionality more than makes up for its basic approach to word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

TinyTube for iPhone and iPad

This app looks to let parents control what their kids can watch on YouTube. But the app is overly simplistic and takes an approach that won't appeal to many users.

Updated EuroSmartz apps to extend iOS wireless printing capabilities

New versions of PrintBureau and PrintCentral will allow iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users to print from any AirPrint-enabled app to almost any wireless printer. The updates also add support for background printing to USB printers connected to Wi-Fi networks via EuroSmartz's free desktop companion app.

Calendars -- Google Calendar Client for iPhone and iPad

While not perfect, this calendar app is solid and dependable. If you use Google Calendar, this mobile client makes it easy to stay on schedule when you're on the go.

Movie Night Out for iPhone

Don't let the unremarkable interface fool you. Movie Night Out is perfectly suited for helping you plan out a night at the cinema that includes dinner, drinks, or other activities.