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Jeff Merron is a writer and editor who wrote full-time for's Page 2 for five years and has contributed to Slate, Consumers Digest,, Information Week, Byte Magazine, and many other national outlets.

Documents to Go Premium for iPhone and iPad

DataViz's app for editing, creating, and viewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on your mobile device remains a solid offering. But this universal app stumbles slightly on the iPad when compared to its more polished implementation on the iPhone or iPod touch.

iOS developers look beyond AirPrint

What will be the fate of independent printing app developers once Apple perfects its AirPrint feature? Extinction may be inevitable, but likely a long way off.

iFitness HD for iPad

This comprehensive exercise app is a very good fitness offering that sometimes tries to do too much and doesn't always measure up to its iPhone counterpart.

Phases HD for iPad

This app, which shows information about the moon, is nicely designed and takes advantage of the iPad's display capabilities. But what you see is all you get.

SoundNote for iPad

This note-taking app, which records audio while letting you type or scribble notes on your iPad, is not without its share of limitations. But it's also an impressive app that should interest students, workers, or anyone else who has to take notes during lectures, meetings, or presentations.