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Jeff Merron is a writer and editor who wrote full-time for's Page 2 for five years and has contributed to Slate, Consumers Digest,, Information Week, Byte Magazine, and many other national outlets.

Popplet for iPad

This clever mind-mapping, brainstorming, and idea-collection app for the iPad has a few notable limitations. But Popplet's attractive interface and ease of use make it hard to resist.

Seasonality Go for iPad

This customizable weather app for the iPad takes a modular, graphic approach that's pretty appealing, though, in practice, its interface can be confusing and the graphic data overwhelming.

PrintBureau for iPhone and iPad

The hybrid PrintBureau app is actually a bundle of two separate printing apps from EuroSmartz that work on either the iPhone or iPad. Whether you use the bundle or opt for a standalone device-specific version, you'll be pleased with how this printing app performs.

BBC News for iPhone and iPad

This app from the BBC is chock-full of attractive, well-organized, world-class journalism. But compared to similar apps -- notably NPR's offerings -- BBC News could offer more content in a better design.

My-Cast Weather and My-Cast OneLook for iPhone

Both of Digital Cyclone's weather apps look good, but you'll want to pay up for the $4 version, which offers more compelling features than the $1 My-Cast OneLook.

BugMe for iPhone and iPad

Whether on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, this app gives you plenty of creative ways to take notes and remind yourself of what you've written.