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Call of Duty: Black Ops to come to the Mac this fall

Call of Duty: Black Ops will come to the Mac this fall; in the meantime, gamers can get their war on with a half-price sale on three older Call of Duty titles from the Mac App Store.

Taptu update adds news synchronization across devices

The latest version of the mobile news aggregator lets you sync up your personalized feeds across multiple devices.

Contacts Journal 3.0 links documents, contacts

Contacts Journal, a lightweight CRM app for your iOS device, now sports the ability to link documents from your Mac to a contact record.

MacMate offers replacement service for MobileMe

MobileMe is going away on June 30, but MacMate may be the solution for continuing to publish your website with iWeb.

Amazon releases Send to Kindle software for Mac

Amazon releases Send to Kindle for Mac, providing drag-and-drop, contextual menu, and printer options for storing documents on your Kindle device.

Expo Notes: Brevity is the soul of wit at Rapid Fire session

Mac luminaries had just five minutes to impart some knowledge on the crowd at the Thursday night Rapid Fire session at Macworld | iWorld. Here's a rundown of some of the highlights from that event.

Expo Notes: Creators panel highlights use of Macs, iOS in music, movies

The Superfly Presents the Creators panel at Macworld | iWorld brought together musicians, TV and film directors, and media managers for a wide-ranging discussion on the use of Apple products in creating media and running a media business.