WWDC: Apple touts App Store successes

The Mac App Store is beating out the competition six months after it opened, joining big brother App Stores in iOS and music with gold medal results.

BuddyGuard turns an iPhone into a lifeline monitor

A unique app from MPower Labs uses your iOS device's GPS, cameras, and Internet connection to determine whether you're in danger, and contact emergency services if necessary.

Disk Drill protects and restores your storage media

A new Mac application from Cleverfiles watches your hard drives and other storage media for problems, then offers various restoration methods if things go wrong.

iMovie for iOS going universal with new features

Alongside the iPad 2, iOS 4.3 preview, and GarageBand app announced at Wednesday’s Apple event, the company showcased a new, universal version of iMovie for its mobile devices.

Need an app? There's an outsourcer for that

For companies that want to build apps, but don't have any technical know-how, outsourcing development is one potential solution. But it's not without its quirks and pitfalls.

Sprint extends its mobile 4G/3G MiFi options

Sprint announces another 4G/3G-capable MiFi, available February 27th, with some interesting new features.

Apple launches Support Profile site

Apple's new Support Profile site makes it easier to check the warranty status of your Apple computers and devices, as well as track ongoing repair issues.

Nielsen: iPhone holds onto narrow lead in smartphones

A Nielsen poll finds iPhones with a small lead over BlackBerries and Android phones, but Androids take the lead in recent sales.

Apple Juicz charges your MacBook Air with solar power

QuickerTek expands its pricey solar charging line to include the new MacBook Airs.

Remote Conductor app makes iPad a Mac input device

m3me's Remote Conductor app turns an iPad into a large trackpad, with additional useful features available on the display.

Army tests iPhone, Android deployment to every soldier

An ambitious test plan by the US Army plans on improving battlefield and base coordination with the same gadgets the civilians use.

Grantwood's Macvelope disguises your Air's sleeve

An Apple ad becomes reality with the Macvelope, a MacBook Air sleeve designed to mimic a manila envelope. Just don't toss it in the shredder.

Mac virus onslaught in 2011? Not so fast

Another "sky is falling" announcement about Mac viruses is making the news. You've heard this before--but when has the sky actually fallen?

MacTVision brings Internet TV to its all-in-one Mac app

Even die-hard couch potatoes won't be able to exhaust the 2,600 "channels" of MacTVision, but there's nothing here you can't already watch elsewhere.

Samsung unveils new, small color printers

Samsung spruces up their 2011 line with a new color printer and multifunction printer, but obviously hopes you weren't paying attention in high-school chemistry.