Jays to release stylish, midrange earbuds in U.S.

An award-winning Swedish firm releases its headset to the US market in January, no assembly or Allen wrench required.

Touch Press releases Solar System for iPad

Touch Press moves from the elemental to the planetary with the second installment in its science education e-book series.

BBEdit 9.6 brings HTML5 support

The venerable text editor of choice for many programmers receives an upgrade, including new features for hand-coders of HTML5.

Witch upgrade tames conflict with App Tamer

Witch 3.5.5 conflicts with App Tamer are resolved by Many Tricks and St. Clair with minor updates to both apps.

App Tamer halts your apps to speed up your Mac

Reduce CPU usage and improve your battery life with St. Clair's exceedingly clever App Tamer utility.

My Generation app displays content in sync with episodes

An innovative iPad app figures out what scene you're watching, and gives you additional information about the show in real time.

Seesmic Desktop 2 provides one window on social networks

Seesmic's Desktop 2 comes with support for six major social networks, and allows for more in the future with a plug-in system.

LittleFin's Chronicle tracks monthly bills

LittleFin updates its attractive, but rather stripped-down, financial management software.

Zulu plugin for FileMaker merges databases with iCal

FileMaker calendaring becomes easier with Zulu, which publishes FileMaker Server records directly into iCal and iOS devices.

Epson releases Stylus NX625 all-in-one printer

The low end of the all-in-one printer market got a feature bump with Epson's Stylus NX625, which has some nice improvements over the NX420.

Apple unveils newer, smaller Apple TV

Apple's "hobby" gets a refresh concentrating on streaming video from an all-rental Apple Store, your local network, and iOS devices.

Billings Pro brings multiuser time-tracking to Mac and iOS

Marketcircle has released Billings Pro, a multiuser and multiplatform time-tracking and invoicing system--and a new price tag to match.

Calendaring utility Today 2.5 is better than yesterday

Second Gear's iCal utility provides a space-saving view of your calendar, with quick access to creating new events and task.

Web-based OS Glide adds Safari support, 30GB of storage

TransMedia's Glide web OS 4.0 brings Safari compatibility to its massively available cloud storage and Web apps for a wide variety of computers, iOS, and handheld devices.

VoteBundle: Mac apps meet democratic competition

Twenty Mac applications will compete to be included in Mac Bundle Box's next release. Only ten will survive.