iTuber brings YouTube to the desktop, with a few quirks

Xnet Communication's iTuber provides drag-and-drop uploads and downloads, and other YouTube features, in an application that could use a bit more polish.

AppleJack 1.6 released for Snow Leopard

It sounds like a breakfast cereal, but AppleJack is designed to save your bacon with a series of command-line tools when you can't boot your Mac.

FMTouch Enterprise deploys FileMaker databases to iOS devices

The FMTouch Enterprise subscription service lets developers ship their FileMaker solutions to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The Onion adds paid download to the iTunes Store

The Onion News Network, the rudest "cable news" channel around, is breaking new ground with a paid download, and it's using the iTunes Store to try it out.

SyncMate connects your Mac's data to... everything

SyncMate synchronization software boasts a list of compatible devices and operating systems which includes anything more sophisticated than your blender.

Voices For Mac puts more people in your head

Getting tired of Alex? Has your relationship with Victoria waned over the years? Voices for Mac can spruce up your aural interactions with Mac OS X's text-to-speech feature, with the addition of new voices for your listening pleasure.

moveAddict brings Finder cuts to the quick

Finder has copy-and-paste for files, but no cut-and-paste; moveAddict fixes the oversight.

Watch your Mac's 3G bandwidth usage with Traffic2Net

Nova Media's Traffic2Net can watch your cellular bandwidth usageā€”but it's not yet ready for iPhone tethering.