D-Link Boxee Box brings couch potato paradise

The D-Link Boxee Box connects the popular media software directly to your TV, with plenty of useful hardware features.

Report: Apple to move into mobile advertising

Reports say that Apple is buying Quattro Wireless, an advertising network for mobile devices.

Apple cuts educational pricing on MacBooks

The education price for an entry-level MacBook has fallen from $949 to $899.

Report: AT&T network problems are iPhone's fault?

A New York Times story says that AT&T network issues are due to faulty iPhone design, but there's plenty of room for skepticism.

Apple and Google in bare-knuckled competition? Not so much

The Wall Street Journal sees competitive moves in recent acquisitions by Apple and Google, but it also fits their existing strategies.

AT&T improving their network or rationing data: take your pick

AT&T cannot decide whether its problem is network capacity, or those pesky customers who keep using the network.

Google unveils real-time and search-with-a-photo features

With latest results and Google Goggles, you won't need to type a word to find out what's happening right now.

Mac News Briefs: BusyCal 1.1 adds 64-bit Snow Leopard support

BusyCal, Camino, Cocktail, GraphicConverter, GV Connect, and iReadFast all saw updates on Monday.

Researcher says iPhone data model could lead to malware

Some fear, uncertainty and doubt is being spread over malware access to iPhone data. It's true, but it's not particularly news.

Quicksilver beta 57 released, not dead yet

A bug fix and maintenance upgrade for Quicksilver has been posted, cheering those who feared for the utility's life.

QuickerTek unveils solar-powered MacBook chargers

QuickerTek's new solar chargers have high watt output, meaning you can use the sun to power your MacBook on the go, but at a high price.

Will secret copyright treaty restrict your digital rights?

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is rumored to outlaw your iPod, but the treaty's text is secret.

Hack brings 10.6.2 back to Atom processors

The latest Snow Leopard can now run on Atom processors, as long as you're willing to replace the kernel with an Internet download.

Google Voice acquires VoIP purveyor Gizmo5

Google Voice moves to provide full phone service with the acquisition of Internet phone provider Gizmo5.

Indev Software releases MiniMail 2.0

The latest version of MiniMail adds a small message notification view to Mail, multiple viewers, and Snow Leopard compatibility.