xGestures updated for Snow Leopard

xGestures is a program that allows mouse movements to trigger menu items, keystrokes, and AppleScripts; it's recently been updated to work with Snow Leopard.

Secrets pref pane updated for Snow Leopard

The Mac preference pane with hundreds of hidden user interface tweaks is updated for Snow Leopard.

MacHeist offers six Mac apps for free

MacHeist offers six Mac applications for free, in exchange for your email address. And no Twitter spamming this time, either.

Google Dashboard gives you a bird's-eye view of your cloud

Moderate and heavy users of Google services will appreciate this master control panel view of their usage.

Hide iPhone bezel scratches with a brushed-metal look

Want to hide unsightly scratches on your iPhone's metal bezel? If you're willing to give your phone a brushed-metal look, it can be done.

iPhone Public Radio App brings DVR features to NPR

Yet another in the line of public radio applications for iPhone, the cleverly named Public Radio App adds in DVR-like features for listening to programs when you want to.

Steve Jobs disliked ‘iMac,’ had an appalling alternative

An interview with one of TBWA\Chiat\Day's former executives revealed that Steve Jobs wasn't always bully on the iMac.

RemoteSight turns an iSight into CCTV

Ben Software's new RemoteSight can turns an iSight—or other video input source—into a video-monitoring system for your home.

Survey puts iPhone at close second in market share

ChangeWave Research's quarterly survey of cell phone owners shows the iPhone gaining market share and continuing to lead the pack in satisfaction.

Use your own number with some Google Voice features

Google Voice now offers an option to let users take advantage of some of its features with their existing phone numbers.

Mac port of ZFS discontinued

The Apple-backed project to port Sun's ZFS filesystem to the Mac has been discontinued, leaving speculation about where OS X will go next.

Apple applies for patent on OS with embedded advertising

Among Apple's many recent patent applications is this one, in which the computer company envisions a future where your very operating system may be supported by ads.

MacMiniColo.net looks at the Mac mini server

The new Mac mini server configuration gets the hairy eyeball from the folks at MacMiniColo.net, the experts in Mac mini co-location.

iFixit tears down new white MacBook, so you don’t have to

As usual, the team at iFixit has already taken it upon itself to disassemble Apple's latest new hardware—in this case, the white unibody MacBook

Virgin America and Google team up for free in-flight Wi-Fi

This holiday season, enjoy free Wi-Fi access on all Virgin America flights, courtesy of Google, who's footing the bill.