Amazon Mobile for iPhone

The Amazon Mobile app is more than just a way to buy stuff through Amazon. With access to all the details of items sold on Amazon, wish lists, and a clever Amazon Remembers feature, Amazon Mobile is one of those apps that you'll turn to just about every time you go shopping.

Galcon for iPhone

In this entertaining game, you try to conquer planets controlled by your enemy. Galcon is fast-paced and a perfectly fun way to pass five minutes.

Encamp for iPhone

While there are many apps for accessing the Web-based Basecamp project-management tool, Encamp stands out for its speedy interface and good workflow.

Watchmen: Justice is Coming for iPhone

This movie tie-in tries to bring a massively multiplayer online experience to the iPhone and iPod touch. It's a promising concept, but ultimately, Watchmen: Justice is Coming falls flat because the inability to stay connected to the game makes it unplayable.

Review: ComiXology for iPhone

ComiXology gives you the ability to browse through all the comics that are shipping that week, placing the ones that grab your interest on your pull list. Fans of comic books will find it to be a welcome addition to their iPhone or iPod touch.