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Pages for iPad and iPhone

The latest mobile version of Pages, which now runs on the iPhone and iPod touch in addition to the iPad, is an amazing word processing and page layout application made more amazing when you realize that all of this power is packed into a device that can fit inside your pocket. But it needs true file syncing to be truly great.

Peterson Birds of North America and iBird Pro HD

Jeffery Battersby takes a look at a pair of information-packed birding apps -- Peterson Birds of North America, which runs on all iOS devices, and the iPad-only iBird Pro HD.

Bento 4

The latest version of Filemaker's consumer-level database, Bento 4, rescues Bento from being a kind of cute but impractical boutique application. It now offers over 250 label templates and new ways to export templates that contain data.

MyThoughts 1.2.1

MyThoughts 1.2.1 is a mind-mapping application that helps you to create visually appealing mind maps that can include images, Web links, or links to audio, video or other types of files stored on your Mac.

iOS brainstorming apps

Jeffery Battersby looks at a smattering of mind-mapping tools for iOS devices and cautions that brainstorming on the smaller screen of the iPhone or iPod touch can be a little frustrating. That said, iThoughts shines as a mind-mapping app, especially in its iPad form.

Printing your tax returns from electronic programs

Sure, you can go paperless and have all your tax documents filed electronically and saved digitally. But there's something about saving a copy of that precious return that moves people to fire up their printers--just in case.

Relationship 2.1.1

Client relationship management tool offers options for organizing project data, but lacks true CRM features.

TiVo for iPad

If you've got a TiVo Premiere or Premiere XL DVR and an iPad, make sure to get this excellent remote control app from TiVo.

How to create labels with Pages

Pages doesn’t ship with any built-in label templates, but it’s actually easy to create and use standard labels with the program if you know a few tricks.

Evernote for iPhone and iPad

On the iPhone and iPod touch, this mobile client for the Evernote note cataloging service remains an excellent choice for jotting down and storing bits of information. But iPad users will be disappointed by the app's look and performance on Apple's tablet.

Agendus for iPad

Meant to be a replacement for or enhancement to your current task management application, this offering is a nice attempt that still works too poorly to be of use, even after a recent update.

Billings Pro 1.0.1

Professional time billing and invoicing application offers server-based access for your entire organization.

Office apps showdown: Word processors

Which word processor is best: Word 2011, iWork '09, or Google Docs? Jeffery Battersby used all three to create a typical business report; here's how he'd rank them.