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Jeffery Battersby is an Apple Certified Trainer, (very) smalltime actor, and regular contributor to Macworld. He writes about Macs and more at his blog,

BrainDistrict LifeAssets

LifeAssets 1.0 offers an interesting twist on the way you view and plan for your financial future. It sets your focus forward, so that you can see where your financial future lies.

Wyse PocketCloud for iPhone

Anyone who wants to control their desktop from their iPhone or iPod touch must contend with the limited screen space on their mobile device. This app tackles that problem with a flash of ingenuity, optimizing screen space without significant sacrifices in usability.


BillingOrchard offers some basic and occasionally useful features, but lacks what so many other, more mature, better looking Web-billing apps offer.

Now X

Now X, once the standard for Mac contact management and calendaring, is a program that doesn't rise anywhere near the level of its predecessor.

BirdsEye for iPhone

This simple and useful birding application leverages the power of eBird, a centralized birdwatching site where The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Audubon Society collect bird sitings from birdwatchers all over the world to help you find sightings in your area.

Pastebot for iPhone

This beautifully designed, tactile pleasure brings the power of a clipboard manager to your iPhone or iPod touch.

WorkLog for iPhone

This standalone iPhone and iPod touch app offers many useful features for tracking the time you spend on projects. And the free lite version is a solid offering as well.

reQall for iPhone

This handy, well designed to-do list manager lets you speak or type reminders into your iPhone; the app then organizes those notes, sends you reminders, and syncs events with with iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

Take your Bento to go

Walk through this simple Bento 3 project to learn how to take advantage of new templates and iPhone integration.

Layar Reality Browser for iPhone

This free navigation app, which taps into the iPhone 3GS's compass, Web connectivity, and camera to help you find where whatever you're looking is, certainly offers a unique look at the world. But it does so at the expense of your battery life.

DoorStop X Security Suite 2.3

DoorStop X Security Suite is a collection of three tools designed to leverage your Mac’s built-in firewall, help you understand how others are trying to access your computer, and to help you understand how to keep your Mac secure.

Mindjet for iPhone

Mindjet has managed to squeeze the power, ease, and versatility of its desktop mindmapping application into an iPhone app. It's an effective tool, though it comes with some limitations.

iSing for iPhone

A combination of "American Idol" and a karoke bar, the slick iSing lets you compete in a global talent show.

QuickBooks 2010

There is much to be pleased about in Intuit’s QuickBooks 2010 and, unfortunately, still quite a bit to be disappointed with as well.

FreshBooks online bookkeeping software

FreshBooks is a Web-based and 256-bit encrypted accounting, time billing, estimate, and invoicing application that seeks to replace desktop-based accounting programs like Quicken, QuickBooks, FirstEdge, and AccountEdge.