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Jeffery Battersby is an Apple Certified Trainer, (very) smalltime actor, and regular contributor to Macworld. He writes about Macs and more at his blog,

Bombia Design The Invoice Machine

Simple to manage and easy to use, The Invoice Machine is a good web-based invoice application for very small businesses.

MetaLab Ballpark

Ballpark is a simple, Web-based estimate and billing application that allows you to manage estimates, bills, and payments from the Web.

Paint matching apps for iPhone

Both Ben Color Capture from Benjamin Moore and ColorSnap from Sherwin-Williams take similar approaches when it comes to using your iPhone or iPod touch to help pick the right color of paint.

Bento 3

New features like iPhoto integration, database security, and database sharing make Bento a versatile database for the small office and small business owner.

Convert for iPhone

This unit conversion app is a piece of iPhone beauty and useful to boot.

iFinance 3

iFinance 3.0.9 is a beautifully designed personal finance application that lacks some very basic and necessary features.

Evernote for iPhone

While there are some limitations to this mobile version of the note-capturing application also available for desktops, it's still a great addition to Evernote's stable of productivity tools.

WriteRoom 2 for iPhone

Hog Bay Software's document editing app for the iPhone and iPod touch was already an impressive offering. But Version 2 of WriteRoom has added more key features, including a new search tool and true synching capabilities via

Birdpost for iPhone

There's a good idea behind Birdpost, which lets you report and share bird sightings with other bird watchers. But unless you live in a major metropolitan area, there simply aren't enough people using the app to make it a valuable resource for finding birds right where you are.

Citrix Receiver for iPhone

For the Citrix administrator, this app offers a much longer leash, providing access to all of Citrix's administration tools without requiring the administrator to be tied to a desk. But when it comes to day-to-day work, Citrix Receiver is severely limited.

iBiz 4.0

iBiz 4.0.1 offers very good, client-focused tools for tracking and billing the time you spend on your projects.

Evernote 1.4

Evernote 1.4 is a versatile tool for capturing a wide variety of information and syncing that information among a variety of platforms.

VoodooPad Pro 4.1

VoodooPad Pro is an excellent tool for collecting, storing, and linking information. The program's ability to intelligently create links to other pages in your document makes it easy to cross-reference information that you've already collected.

ShoveBox 1.7

ShoveBox 1.7 provides a simple, intuitive way to organize a variety of information without becoming burdensome.

Spector Pro mac 2009

Spector Pro mac 2009 is a powerful keylogging tool with the additional capability of giving you a visual representation of everything that is being done on a monitored computer at any point in time.