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Jeffery Battersby is an Apple Certified Trainer, (very) smalltime actor, and regular contributor to Macworld. He writes about Macs and more at his blog,

VoodooPad Pro 4.1

VoodooPad Pro is an excellent tool for collecting, storing, and linking information. The program's ability to intelligently create links to other pages in your document makes it easy to cross-reference information that you've already collected.

ShoveBox 1.7

ShoveBox 1.7 provides a simple, intuitive way to organize a variety of information without becoming burdensome.

Spector Pro mac 2009

Spector Pro mac 2009 is a powerful keylogging tool with the additional capability of giving you a visual representation of everything that is being done on a monitored computer at any point in time.

eBlaster 2009

Key-logging software like eBlaster can secretly record all the keystrokes on one computer and surreptitiously send those keystrokes via e-mail to another. eBlaster works, and works quite well.

Bento for iPhone

Bento for the iPhone and iPod touch is an amazing, versatile, and powerful application, making it possible for you to create databases and manage a variety of information while on the go.

Reunion for iPhone

The Reunion app for iPhone and iPod touch is a welcome addition to the Reunion family. The program offers a great set of features and makes it easy to collect family information when it’s not convenient to use a Mac running the full version of the program.

AccountEdge 2009

AccountEdge 2009 offers excellent new features for current users who are looking to upgrade, and a solid foundation for anyone who needs a business accounting app.

More streaming radio apps for iPhone

While Radio Paradise, Slacker Radio, College Radio Tuner, and Tuner Internet Radio are all designed to stream Internet radio to your iPhone or iPod touch, each of these apps offers a completely different focus with varying degrees of success.

iBird Explorer Plus for iPhone

iBird Explorer Plus is nearly perfect and one of the best field guides to birds you’ll find anywhere, whether on your iPhone, in print, or on the Web.

Review: NeatReceipts for Mac

NeatReceipts’ combination of a small scanner, capable OCR, and data extraction tools make the program a great option, especially for small business owners who want to keep receipts and business cards without having to hold on to the paper.

Preview: Quicken Financial Life for Mac

Intuit’s revamped personal financial management tool seeks to keep your thumb on your personal finances and make you feel good about it. While the program remains in beta, Jeffery Battersby takes a look at some of the new features in advance of Quicken’s summer 2009 debut.

Review: Nimbuzz for iPhone

Nimbuzz is a versatile text and audio chat application for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Review: Flutter and Palringo for iPhone

One of the iPhone’s majority shortcomings is its inability to send pictures via MMS. Two apps, Flutter and Palringo, look to fill that void.

Review: Pages ’09

With Pages ’09 Apple has hit a sweet spot: it added necessary features, enhanced existing tools, fixed minor annoyances, and gave users exactly what they asked for, although there are still some minor issues Apple needs to address in order the make the program perfect.

First Look: Pages ’09

The update to Pages that comes with the iWork ’09 suite delivers some significant and important changes to the page-layout and writing app. In fact, Jeffery Battersby thinks the changes make Pages ’09 a viable option for all your business needs.