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Jeffery Battersby is an Apple Certified Trainer, (very) smalltime actor, and regular contributor to Macworld. He writes about Macs and more at his blog,

Review: OpenMind 2.0

Matchware’s OpenMind 2.0 is a powerful mind mapping application that’s very flexible and versatile, yet simple to use.

Review: Billings 3

The latest version of Marketcircle’s productivity application continues to give small business users an easy and elegant way to track time and create beautiful, fully customizable estimates, invoices, and statements.

Getting started with Bento

Many of us use spreadsheets or even text editors to maintain our lists. But a real database program like Bento can be a better list-keeping tool. Jeffery Battersby explains why, and how to get started with Bento.

Review: QuickBooks Accounting 2009

QuickBooks Accounting 2009 has been beautifully redesigned in a way that makes it much easier to manage and track your business’ money. But the redesign is incomplete: Some features are missing, others have yet to be updated, and still others haven’t been developed to the point of being truly useful.

Time-Saving Tips: At the office

Whether you’re balancing a budget in Excel or crafting a high-powered presentation in Keynote, there are plenty of ways to save time and still impress your boss. Here are 22 tips for working more efficiently in Microsoft Office, iWork, and more.

First Look: QuickBooks 2009

The latest version of QuickBooks doesn’t look anything like any of the recent releases of Intuit’s accounting program. In fact, it’s safe to say QuickBooks 2009 is the most radical redesign in more than a decade. Jeffery Battersby takes you on a guided tour of the app’s new interface and features.

New iPod, old firmware

Thinking of buying a new iPod touch? It could cost you an extra $10 if you buy a new model that's still got the old firmware installed—even though the 2.0 software update has been out for three weeks.

Review: Now Up-to-Date & Contact 5.3

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 5.3.2 is the same package it was two years ago—which makes it a very good cross-platform calendar and contact management application that is easy to use and that can support multiple users.

Word 2008 vs. Pages ‘08

Which word processor is really right for you: Word 2008 or Pages ‘08? Jeffrey Battersby puts them in the ring and lets them duke it out.

Review: AccountEdge 2008 accounting software

The latest version of Acclivity's accounting software has a revamped interface to go along with its new features, such as .Mac and iCal integration. But the features may not be enough to persuade current AccountEdge users to upgrade.

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6.1 offers easy setup and very good time logging features. Unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to administrative tools, integration with popular business accounting packages, and advanced user security features.

Microsoft Word 2008

As a word processor, little has changed in Word 2008. The elimination of VBA and weak support for AppleScript and Automator make the program far less versatile and valuable for users who really need automation. But the program’s streamlined interface and the addition of the new Publishing Layout view still make it a compelling choice.

First Look: Word 2008

Word 2008 takes a page out of iWork's book, adding a new page layout view on top of a streamlined interface. Jeffery Battersby shares his first impressions of the updated word processor.

Liquid Ledger 2

Liquid Ledger 2.0.4’s simplicity makes it appealing as a personal financial application. But those accustomed to more mature programs may be left cold by Liquid Ledger’s limited reporting tools and the way the program handles the entry of new transactions.

Moneydance 2007

Moneydance 2007 is a viable and worthwhile alternative to Quicken. While the program still has a few minor quirks and lacks some of the data entry features that make Quicken a perennial favorite, Moneydance offers nearly everything you need to track and manage your personal finances.