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Jeffery Battersby is an Apple Certified Trainer, (very) smalltime actor, and regular contributor to Macworld. He writes about Macs and more at his blog,

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6.1 offers easy setup and very good time logging features. Unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to administrative tools, integration with popular business accounting packages, and advanced user security features.

Microsoft Word 2008

As a word processor, little has changed in Word 2008. The elimination of VBA and weak support for AppleScript and Automator make the program far less versatile and valuable for users who really need automation. But the program’s streamlined interface and the addition of the new Publishing Layout view still make it a compelling choice.

First Look: Word 2008

Word 2008 takes a page out of iWork's book, adding a new page layout view on top of a streamlined interface. Jeffery Battersby shares his first impressions of the updated word processor.

Liquid Ledger 2

Liquid Ledger 2.0.4’s simplicity makes it appealing as a personal financial application. But those accustomed to more mature programs may be left cold by Liquid Ledger’s limited reporting tools and the way the program handles the entry of new transactions.

Moneydance 2007

Moneydance 2007 is a viable and worthwhile alternative to Quicken. While the program still has a few minor quirks and lacks some of the data entry features that make Quicken a perennial favorite, Moneydance offers nearly everything you need to track and manage your personal finances.

MYOB FirstEdge 3

MYOB’s FirstEdge 3 is a best-of-class small-business accounting application that gives you excellent features at a great price. While form customization can be frustrating, it’s unlikely to interfere with how well FirstEdge handles your business finances.

Pages '08

Pages ‘08 is a great word processing and page layout program. For most individuals, it should be a perfect fit for day-to-day needs. But if you want to share and edit files on a network, or if you need robust mail-merge features, Pages will not be enough to fulfill your needs.

First Look: First Look: Pages '08

Our look at the changes in the iWork '08 suite concludes with Pages, the word-processing and page-layout tool. Jeffrey Battersby finds that the major additions to Pages -- namely, better compatibility with Word, a contextually-aware formatting bar, and much-improved tools for tracking changes -- make this iWork component a viable alternative to Microsoft's Word.

MindManager 7

MindManager 7.0.270 is a top-notch brainstorming tool. While the program still lacks integration with Microsoft Office applications, this shouldn’t deter you from using an otherwise excellent application.

Heredis 10.2

Heredis 10.2.3 is a well-designed and versatile genealogy program. While its iPhoto integration and support for LDS ordinances is weak, Heredis is very good at gathering and maintaining your family history.

iFamily for Tiger 2.2

iFamily for Tiger 2.2 provides a simple interface to create and edit your family data, includes great search tools, and integrates well with iPhoto.

MacFamilyTree 4.4

MacFamilyTree 4.4.5 is an effective and visually pleasing genealogy program that makes excellent use of your Mac’s built-in audio and video tools as well as your iPhoto library. But its interface is not nearly as polished as the other genealogy software on the market.

Reunion 9.04

Reunion 9.04 is a top-notch genealogy program. It’s beautifully designed, easy to use, and a pleasure to work with. There’s enough substance in this new release to please longtime users and plenty of tools to get new users on the road to discovering their roots.

Personal Ancestry Writer II 69

Personal Ancestry Writer II 69 may not be as snazzy as other genealogy programs, but it’s well designed, has excellent documentation and support, allows you to collect a nearly unlimited amount of information, and is capable of exporting your genealogy documents in a variety of formats.

Midnight Inbox 1.1.5

Beautifully designed and built on sound organizational principals, Midnight Inbox 1.1.5 shows a great deal of promise and is an excellent tool for those who want to bring GTD to their Mac desktop. For the rest of us, the program needs more documentation and fewer assumptions.