OpenTable for iPhone

Just as the OpenTable Web site has made it a breeze to get reservations at restaurants, the iPhone app of the same name is well designed, easy to use, and a must-have for travelers and foodies.'s Disney World guides for iPhone

If a trip to the Disney World theme parks is in your future,'s map-based guides to the individual parks -- or a Box Set with all the maps in one place -- can be an invaluable traveling companion.

Disney Notescast guides for iPhone

TimeStream Software makes a variety of mobile guides for some of Disney's assorted theme parks. We look at two for the Florida parks and determine whether they'll help make your Magic Kingdom visit more magical. Speed Test

This app has an simple, elegant interface and does exactly what the name tells you it will—measure whether the speed of your network is up to snuff.

iMob Online for iPhone

If the developers of iMob Online can stamp out cheating and fix lingering bugs, this mobile version of the popular Facebook game could be entertaining fun. But there’s a lot of work ahead of them.

Scribble for iPhone

This gem of an app gives you a blank canvas for doodling with the help with a slimmed-down set of tools. Or, if you prefer, you can copy over images from your photo library and modify them with Scribble’s tools.

Here I Am for iPhone

With just the touch of a single button, Here I Am can e-mail your location to an address of your choosing. It’s a sweet little tool that you’ll find increasingly handy the more you use it.

iReddit for iPhone

iReddit’s interface, speed, and overall experience is excellent. But this 1.0 version is crash-prone.

Public radio apps for iPhone

Public Radio Tuner and MPR Radio provide a similar experience, though each offer their own spin. Public Radio Tuner is a study in breadth, streaming hundreds of stations. MPR is focused on all the streams from one station.

Review: Yammer for iPhone

The Twitter-like micro-blogging service for businesses and enterprise users has a mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It opens a new world of corporate communications

Review: Ustream Viewing Application for iPhone

The main shortcoming of this video streaming app isn’t technical—it’s the content, which is very underwhelming at this early date.

Review: Satellite for iPhone

A dedicated app for accessing and commenting on stories, Satellite gets the job done well enough. But it's not very stable, and it’s hard to justify paying for content that’s otherwise free, even if it’s delivered in a pretty interface.

Review: SnapTell for iPhone

With SnapTell, you use the iPhone’s built-in camera to take a picture of something—a book, DVD, CD, and so forth. Tap a button, and the app gives you ratings, prices, and directions on where you can buy it nearby. Sound cool? It is.