Jennifer Baker Brussels correspondent, IDG News Service

Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

Swiss court says Google's Street View breaks privacy rules

A Swiss court has said that Google is breaching citizens' right to privacy with its Street View service.

Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, EMC consortium filing withdrawn

In a move that will be seen by many as a big win for open source campaigners, plans to create a consortium to buy Novell patents have been withdraw. Apple was included in the Microsoft-led consortium.

European Commission challenges Google Books

The European Commission is set to take on Google Books uring European Union member states to digitize collections held in all their libraries, archives and museums

Facebook, Google face EU crackdown over user data

Internet giants such as Facebook and Google could soon be forced to reveal more to European Internet users about what they are doing with their private data.

EU court rules that Adwords do not infringe trademark laws

Google received a boost when a court confirmed companies using competitors' names as Internet advertising keywords are not infringing European trademark laws.