FastTrack Schedule 9.0

For experienced project managers who are escaping from Microsoft Project, FastTrack Schedule 9.0.1 is the program to trust. It has some interface oddities and relies on unintuitive key combinations to perform some tasks, but it’s hard to fault a pro-level program that does just about everything related to project management.

Epson GT-2500 document scanner

The Epson GT-2500 is great if you need a combination of high-quality photo scans along with scans of regular text documents, but it may be overkill for normal business use.

Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo printer

The Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo with Dymo Stamps software is the only postage-and-label-printer combination for the Mac, and it’s a high-quality one at that. If you need to print labels on demand as well as postage, it will pay for itself quickly

Fujitsu ScanSnap

There’s so much to like about the Fujitsu ScanSnap. Anyone who has mounds of paper and not enough space for it all should consider it. Fujitsu’s first software iteration for the Mac is a successful one.

Mac mini software challenge, revisited

Jennifer Berger discovers that all is not so peaceful when you try to only use the software that comes pre-installed on your Mac mini.

Seiko Smart Label Printer 430

Dedicated label printers such as the Seiko Smart Label Printer 430 promise convenience and ease of use. Unfortunately, there are problems with both print quality and design with this model.

iBook G4 and Mac mini: Minor updates, major value

No update to Mac product lines escapes our attention—especially when it’s the first revision of the Mac mini, with previously optional features for a low price. Bigger news is the iBook G4 line getting the PowerBook treatment with some high-end features. Brace yourself: we even dropped the iBooks to test the new Sudden Motion Sensor.

Apple Mighty Mouse

There are lots of other stylish mice with multiple buttons and scrolling capabilities. But they’re not Apple style. If you want your multi-button mouse and its software to truly match your Mac, this is the mouse for you.

IrisPen Executive

Besides glaring accuracy problems, the IrisPen Executive’s troublesome software and out-of-date manual are tall barriers to overcome. This product needs an overhaul before it can work well for most users.

Mac mini

The Mac mini won’t appeal to computer users looking for a lot of raw processing power. But it’s a stellar bargain if you want a tiny machine for performing basic tasks—even with its skimpy amount of preinstalled RAM. And it’s especially appealing to users who already have their own monitor, input devices, and peripherals.