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After hack, Gawker CTO outlines security changes

Gawker Media's CTO has outlined a series of security changes to the company's IT operations following an attack last week that compromised up to 1.4M accounts.

Gawker Media hacked, warns users to change passwords

E-mail addresses and password details for 200,000 registered users of Gawker Media Websites are now circulating on peer-to-peer networks after a weekend hack.

Fake receipt program targets Amazon retailers

Amazon retailers are being targeted by fraudsters who have created a custom-built a program that generates fakes receipts for nonexistent orders.

Researcher: iPhone's Safari dials calls without warning

A security researcher contends that Apple has made a poor security decision by allowing its Safari browser to honor requests from third-party applications to perform actions such as making a phone call without warning a user.

German Street View error lets iPhone users see hidden images

Google is facing fresh complaints over Street View in Germany, after technical problems caused some properties to be visible rather than blurred.

Street View goes live in Germany with blurred images

Google gingerly launched a select set of Street View images for Germany on Tuesday, a country where it has faced some of the most fierce opposition.

Google adds phishing URL alerts into network tool

Google has added notification for phishing URLs to its service that lets administrators know if their network has been compromised.

Twitter contains second worm in a week

Twitter was hit with a second worm over the weekend but again quickly fixed the vulnerability.

EU drops two Apple iPhone antitrust investigations

The European Commission has dropped two antitrust investigations concerning Apple's iPhone after the company reversed two policies.

Twitter fixes cross-site scripting flaw

A seriously security flaw was apparently found on Twitter on Tuesday but quickly fixed.

Facebook quashes mobile phone rumors

Facebook said it is not building a mobile phone, dismissing a TechCrunch story that it is working on software for a device from a hardware manufacturer.

Botnet takedown may yield valuable data

Researchers are hoping to get a better insight on botnets after taking down Pushdo, one of the top five networks of hacked computers responsible for spam.

Huge spamming botnet injured but still alive

A botnet responsible for a significant amount of spam has been crippled but may reconstitute itself in a matter of weeks, according to vendor M86 Security.

Germany considers ban on using Facebook for hiring

Germany is considering a law that would ban employers from mining information from social networking sites such as Facebook to protect people's privacy.

Adobe fixes 20 vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player

Adobe patched 20 security vulnerabilities in its Shockwave Player on Tuesday, hoping to stop attackers from running rogue code on affected PCs.