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Europe chastises Facebook over default privacy settings

Facebook has made "unacceptable" changes to its privacy settings that are detrimental to users, a coalition of European data protection officials warned.

Firefox aims to make IE, Safari browsing more secure

Mozilla has expanded a service that checks a browser's plugins to now scan Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Chrome in addition to its own Firefox.

Browser add-on aims to foil Google data collection

A computer security researcher has launched a project designed to provide people greater privacy when using Google.

Malicious Facebook ad redirects to fake antivirus software

A malicious advertisement has been found within an application for Facebook that redirects users to fake antivirus software, according to a security researcher.

Panda discovers malware on HTC Magic phone

Security vendor Panda came across a new HTC Magic phone that had three malware programs already on it.

Password application gives wrong info to fraudsters

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute is selling a mobile phone application that offers a unique feature over other password-storage applications.

Researchers develop 3D graphics capability for Firefox

A group of researchers plan to soon release a version of the Firefox browser that integrates the ability to view 3D graphics.

OpenOffice 3.2 fixes several vulnerabilities

The latest version of fixes several vulnerabilities that could caused a computer to become hacked.

After outcry, Google revamps Buzz networking application

Google apologized on Saturday, saying it has made several changes to its new social-networking application Buzz that debuted last week amid privacy concerns.

Skype fixes bugs in upgraded iPhone application

Skype released the latest version of its application for the iPhone, adding new features and fixing a couple annoying bugs that hung up calls.

D-Link issues fixes for router vulnerabilities

D-Link admitted on Friday that some of its routers have a vulnerability that could allow hackers access to a device's administrative settings.

Expert: Fraudsters pull tricks with Google ads

Analysts see bad actors vying for a cut of Google's AdWords, defrauding advertisers.

Google goes with HTML5 over Gears

Google will end Gears, an open-source plug-in project it launched two years ago to allow Web applications to function offline.

Google tweaks News indexing to placate publishers

Google said Tuesday it will change how it grants access to news stories to give publishers more control over how much content people can see for free.

Facebook kills regional networks in privacy revamp

Facebook will eliminate regional networks or groupings of people based on where they live in an effort to improve control over users' data.