Jeremy KirkAustralia Correspondent, IDG News Service

Jeremy reports on security and regional news for the IDG News Service.

Google will resume Street View photography in four countries

Google said on Friday it will resume its Street View imaging in four countries following the removal of Wi-Fi collection equipment.

Facebook investigates e-mail notification issue

Facebook is investigating an issue where some users do not receive an e-mail notification when someone messages them on the social networking site.

Suspicious Facebook app attracts nearly 300,000 fans

A suspicious application is circulating on Facebook and could be used to spam up to 300,000 users, according to a security analyst.

Testing reveals security software often misses new malware

New research has further confirmed the difficulties security software companies are having keeping up with an explosion in malicious software programs.

Privacy add-ons merged to create powerful tool

A browser extension for Firefox has been combined with a set of privacy applications that give users more control over their personal information.

AT&T apologizes, blames hackers for iPad e-mail breach

AT&T issued an apology on Sunday for a hack that exposed thousands of e-mail addresses of iPad customers last week and vowed to work with law enforcement.

Adult Web sites lure cybercrime victims

Porn surfers are likely to have out-of-date software that can be exploited, making those users an attractive target for cybecriminals, according to a new study.

HP enables remote printing via an e-mail address

HP's forthcoming printers costing more than US$99 will let users print remotely using their mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Google rejects German request for Wi-Fi data

Google rebuffed a request from German data protection officials to hand over data it mistakenly collected as part of its Street View imagery.

Browser add-on blocks Google Analytics

Google has released an add-on for Web browsers that blocks information from being sent to its Analytics service.

Germany launches criminal investigation of Google

German prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation over whether Google broke data protection regulations when it collected fragments of Wi-Fi data.

Microsoft rolls out Hotmail enhancements

Microsoft is set to begin rolling out the latest enhancements to its Hotmail Web mail service with an aim to reduce clutter.

iPhone mobile payments trial to begin soon

Visa has partnered with a company that has made a special case the iPhone that enables contactless payments, with trials expected to begin soon.

Europe chastises Facebook over default privacy settings

Facebook has made "unacceptable" changes to its privacy settings that are detrimental to users, a coalition of European data protection officials warned.

Firefox aims to make IE, Safari browsing more secure

Mozilla has expanded a service that checks a browser's plugins to now scan Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Chrome in addition to its own Firefox.